5 winning things to do after your B2B rebrand

If you just re-branded your B2B company, what steps should you take to ensure quick acceptance by your staff and customers?

We re-brand a lot of B2B organisations large and small. The driving forces can vary, ranging from changing tastes (one client had a brand 30 years old, and it looked it) to changing strategy (another had grown significantly and needed to communicate it). After we rebrand them, we advise on which steps to take to make sure that their re-brand is a success.

To make sure your re-brand is a winning one, apply your new identity in the five following ways:

1. Re-brand your business stationery

No marketing supplier worth their salt should let you get away without re-branding your business cards etc., but I have met clients who try to! Imagine the effect of visiting a building or website bearing one brand and being handed a business card that bears another. It immediately undermines any message your new brand is trying to send.

Re-brand your business cards, company letter head and, if you use them, comp slips before doing anything else.

2. Re-brand your business correspondence

While your letterhead may address some of this topic, many firms have multiple custom forms and documents that either could or do carry the company brand. If they do carry the old brand, update them. If they do not, get your marketing supplier to produce header and footer graphics for them.

This can also apply to documentation that is automatically created by accounting or other software - most of these allow you to upload custom graphics to ensure they also contribute to your brand's impact and acceptance.

3. Re-brand your email signature

Your email signature is an often overlooked place in which to share your new brand. Place a small logo beneath your sign-off to make sure your contacts see your new brand and begin to associate it with you. Be careful though, overly designed signatures can have a negative impact, so have a light touch.

Make sure all your contact information is in plain old text so that it can be copied and pasted with ease.

4. Re-brand you product labeling

Unfortunately, in the B2B world, we cant all make highly desirable products that drip in our branding; some of us have to make hard-wearing, ruggedised or just plain kit. However, no matter what your company makes, or what field it goes into, there is probably an opportunity to apply your brand.

We suggest making adhesive badges in a range of sizes that you can apply to your product as it goes out the door. Consider adding your new brand and contact details. Make it clear whether you service the product or just supply it.

5. Give away something free

For most B2B companies, repeat business is a valuable component of success. Show your existing customers that you value them, and keep your company at the top of their minds, by sending them something useful. When planning your give-away, consider who your customer is and how they work. Are they chained to their desk or highly mobile? Are they highly computerised or less so?

Give aways we like (depending on the target customer) include:

  • Wall calendars (desk calendars infuriate us)
  • Good quality mugs (almost everyone drinks tea or coffee)
  • Large USB sticks (Over 4GB and they are keepers)
  • Notebooks and folios (Highly desirable among a wide range of people)
  • Rulers (excellent for design industries and the one thing we can never find in our office)

And there are dozens of other possibilities.

If you've hit a home run with a give away, or received one you covet, send us a picture on twitter.

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