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Always be helping – easier than ABC

Hubspot Sales CRMSo, it seems that years of hard graft, hundreds of thousands of calls, carefully written emails which went unread, and a fair old bit of revenue generated have resulted in my becoming a ‘legacy salesperson’. All that training! Gone!

Not quite. I admit I was nonplussed when it was explained to me that I would ‘never be asked to make a cold call’. After all, calling is an absolutely essential part of any business developer’s role. (It wouldn’t have to be, by the way, if you all stopped ignoring our emails. But that’s another story.)

No, my job is to offer help to people. People looking into their options about services Blend provides. People who are exploring inbound marketing. People trying to figure out what this HubSpot thing’s all about. Offering help. Weird.

Read our Introduction to B2B Inbound Marketing here and learn all about this  powerful approach to generating leads and sales.

Now if you’ve rung as many people who have precisely zero interest in anything you have to say as I have, you’ll know that you get pretty battle-hardened by it all. And this takes us back to the training and practice. If you can cold call someone who’s mysteriously been in an ‘all day meeting’ for the last four months and manage to generate a teensy bit of interest in a service that they hadn’t known they might want, then you really ought to be able to offer help to someone who’s clearly shown an interest in what you do. Particularly when the company is really good at it, which our results for our clients and status as a Diamond HubSpot partner suggest we are. 

For my part, I’m delighted to be here and really looking forward to helping future clients become inbound marketing experts, so they too can have the privilege of never having to make another cold call again. To paraphrase Frank Lopez, their only problem will be what to do with all the leads!

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