B2B Marketing Summit 2013 - what we hope to take away

Phil Vallender

Phil Vallender

May 21, 2013

In June, Blend will be attending the B2B Marketing Summit 2013 in London. Here's what we hope to discover while we are there

The summit is a one day event for just five hundred B2B marketing professionals . The day's agenda is organised into four content themes that tackle the current high profile marketing subjects.

These four themes are social media, demand generation, inbound marketing and multi-channel marketing. Great themes that really speak to the issues being faced by B2B marketeers today.

Each theme's agenda runs concurrently and is packed with inspirational sessions. The exceptions to this format are the first and last sessions of the day which will bring all delegates together to listen to keynote presentations on pervasive marketing issues.

As a delegate, the challenge now is to build an itinerary by selecting sessions from the four themes to attend during the day.

Relevance to our clients

We are interested in all four themes that make up the summit; but we cant attend all the sessions and therefore have to select the ones that offer the greatest relevance and benefit to our outsourced marketing clients.

As a growing B2B marketing agency working predominantly with medium sized businesses, certain marketing matters are more pressing than others. For our clients, the most pressing is often demand generation. Because of its growing role in demand generation, we believe the shift to inbound marketing is as important. Hence we will be spending most of our time at the summit learning about these themes.

Demand generation

Times are hard and quality marketing aint cheap. Therefore marketing that produces visible, tangible and, preferably, bank-able results is understandably popular with clients. In a world where prospects increasingly ignore advertising and avoid sales pitches, new ways to generate demand are essential.

In the demand generation channel at the summit we plan to attend sessions on subjects including marketing automation and content generation. When we get these two things right for our client, we can create demand generation systems that are affordable and sustainable.

We look forward to hearing how industry luminaries have succeeded in these fields and to identifying strategies that can be applied to the marketing of smaller businesses. Efficiency is key as we seek to differentiate our clients from their competition without exploding their budgets.

Approaches to developing effective automated email systems are of great interest to as, as are strategies and ideas for content generation - the latter being one of the biggest challenges in marketing at present.

Inbound marketing

At Blend we know that inbound is the future of marketing and the only reliable way to fuel demand generation. Techniques, tools and strategies for inbound marketing are have therefore become crucially important to our clients and us.

At the summit we are looking forward to hearing from industry leaders, particularly Hubspot, on the possibilities that inbound marketing offers those ready to adopt it.

Again efficiency and applicability to medium sized businesses is key for us and so we will be looking to take away concepts that satisfy both.

The challenge with inbound is its potential limitlessness - the fact that every incremental activity can potentially improve the results. Hence, businesses often don’t know where to draw the boundaries around their strategy.

So we look to take away the latest thinking on how to plan and implement practical inbound marketing -not only how to decide what to include but also how to decide what to cut out.

Bringing the findings home

After the event, the Blend teal will discuss how to best introduce the discoveries we make at the B2B summit into our offering. Look out for an update.

Networking at the event

If you are reading this and you plan to attend the event, we'd love to see you there. If you are interested in the same topics as us, or complimentary topics, send us a message. It would be pleasure to meet you and discuss them at the event.

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