How to Find your Secret B2B Content Resources

The writing’s on the wall: according to the Content Marketing Institute 85% of marketing professionals in the UK are now using content marketing.

As a modern marketer, your mission is to create content, to infiltrate your industry and deploy blogs and ebooks that will turn your company into a lead generation superpower.

Unfortunately, there’s a good chance you’ll being expected to fit creating content in around your existing workload, and with minimal budget. It’s a big ask: producing content takes time, and resources, but with these insider tips you’ll be armed with great content, and the ideas to produce a lot more.

1. Scope out your Target

Great content marketing pinpoints buyer personas. From their job title, to the issues they’re mostly likely to face day-to-day, knowing your ideal customer will help you identify topics that will help them to do their jobs better. Sharing knowledge will help you build trust with prospective customers, hopefully encouraging them to share their details with you in return for your key content. Ultimately these details will help you nurture lead relationships, helping you provide opportunities to your sales team. Our Persona Template can help you put together the questions you need to ask to get a real understanding of the kinds of content that will help you bring relevant visitors to your site and convert them into leads.

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Working with sales to identify existing customers who fit the bill, it’s time to make contact and arrange some interviews.

2. Gather Intel

To understand what content is going to create waves with your customers, you’ll need information. Asking your colleagues and existing customers how they keep up to date with the latest trends will help you find great examples of content that appeals to your audience.

Keeping an archive of good, relevant content can be a fantastic resource for idea generation. What’s more, curating lists of great content can make popular content in its own right.

3.  A Tap on the Shoulder

It may sound strange to say it, but the best content marketers often don’t work in marketing. The truth is that your industry wants to hear from the people who have been working in it for years, and who have reputation of excellence in their field. Your big names and award winners are in the perfect position to produce content – they know the sector, and they know your customers.

With support, your senior colleague or your rising star can be the perfect field agent, producing compelling thought leadership from the front lines of your business. Not everyone you approach will be ready for the challenge, but even just building a network can bring you customer insights and generate ideas.

4. Uncover Covert Content Production

If your company is established, there’s a good chance that there are people in the team who are already producing content, even if they don’t realize it yet. From operations teams running customer training workshops to industry events, there is work going on in your business that just needs recording or describing to become compelling content.

So there you have it – 4 secret weapons that will have you creating industry-leading content for your business. If you’re ready to accept your mission, why not start by downloading our Persona Template?

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