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One Year at Blend Marketing: Statistics


It's been one year since I joined the team here at Blend. Every day has brought a new challenge, and we've achieved an amazing amount together as an inbound marketing agency. We're passionate about measurement here, and so, with that in mind, let’s take a look at the statistics.

Blog posts: c240

A well-crafted blog post is an essential building block of any inbound marketing strategy. This took a bit of digging, but between our own blog and those of all our clients, we’ve written and published over 200 blog posts in the last 12 months. If you multiply that by an average length of around 500 words that’s 120,000 words on blog posts alone. By my estimates that’s a pretty chunky novel.

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Add to that the number of existing archive posts we’ve optimised for search, or reformatted as part of a transfer to HubSpot and we’ve spent approximately 1,500 hours working on blog content this year. That's before we consider ebooks, page content or anything else.

Social posts: c2380

It’s surprising how many people in B2B businesses still struggle to understand the value of tweets and LinkedIn posts to your content marketing. While it may be true that your follower count is more of a vanity metric than anything else, social posting increases your reach and boosts your SEO. Across the accounts we manage, we see time and again that social traffic is more likely to convert into leads than direct or organic. It’s a big part of the reason for our next big number.

Leads generated: c3350

Inbound marketing success is measured, essentially, on 2 metrics: increases in organic traffic and inbound leads generated. Between ourselves (with 568 leads, or 47 per month on average) and our clients, we’ve helped generate more than 3,000 leads in the last year.

Growth in organic traffic is tough to compare across all clients, but our results page shows just some of the phenomenal successes we’ve had in growing organic traffic.

New websites: 8

So far this year we’ve launched a brand new HubSpot website every month. With sites growing monthly via new pages and content, we’re constantly building, designing and writing new material, expanding our clients’ digital footprints.

New web projects: 5

From designing and building page templates to providing consultancy on HubSpot best practice, we’ve been able to help a range of brands to develop the tools they need to use HubSpot effectively in the course of the past year.

We’ve heard more than once that we were the first people to actually pick up the phone when a future client called, which just goes to show that inbound marketing only works effectively when sales and marketing are working together.

New HubSpot Tiers: 1

We make no secret of the fact that HubSpot changed the way we work as an agency. Our partnership has given us the tools to:

  • grow organic traffic by extraordinary amounts through content marketing
  • generate exceptional leads for our clients
  • nurture leads into prospects with marketing automation

Shortly after I started here, we became a gold tiered HubSpot partner agency. We’re committed to getting the most out of their platform, and where that’s shown most is in the incredible results we’ve been able to achieve for our clients.

As for going platinum, well, watch this space…

New Team Members (including me): 6

With new clients, projects and websites all year, we’ve had to grow our team significantly to cope with our ever-growing workload. Every team member who has come on board has brought a passion for their work, be it in content, design or development, and a desire to continuously improve their skills.


All this has meant that the directors, Phil and Sean, have had to be relegated to another room in the office. They’re still not sure about this.

Current big ideas: 27 and counting

Assuming that we all have:

  1. an idea that will help Blend be better at what it does
  2. an idea that will help an existing client generate better results
  3. an idea that will help a potential or new client 

Then at any given time we have at least 27 ideas on the go. Some of these will be the same, but not all, and that's why we talk as a team every day.

Needless to say, I've had a fascinating first year. I've learned some vital lessons about the way digital marketing works today and the way we as marketers can get it working for our clients. But more on that next time.

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