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Webinar: Roadmapping a website redesign project

Rob White

Rob White

Oct 6, 2020


We know that website redesigns are a big undertaking for any business. We’ve helped clients with dozens of such projects and our latest webinar is here to guide you through the process step-by-step.

Blend’s Client Services Director Amanda McGrath and Senior Digital Designer Clare Chan will take you through how to execute a website design project that delivers long-lasting results.

They’ll cover:

  • Auditing your current assets and defining redesign goals
  • Structuring content to create a comprehensive sitemap brief
  • Managing stakeholder expectations and resources

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Auditing your assets and defining redesign goals

The big mistake marketers make is rushing to see what they can achieve from a redesign, without first considering what they already have.

So, before planning your website redesign, it’s important to document key performance metrics to help guide your decision-making.

This means performing an internal and external audit.

These audits help you understand:

  • Current website and content performance
  • Organisational culture
  • Internal stakeholder expectations
  • Future customer requirements

These insights give you the perspective you need to set meaningful goals that help guide your project.

Gather and structure content to create a comprehensive sitemap brief

Guided by audit outcomes, you can start to shape what needs to be included on your website and who the target audience is.

Typically you’ll need to include:

  • Key products and services
  • Case studies
  • Blog and content areas
  • Legal information
  • Contact information

With everything in place, you can map out your site logically. You need to consider the customer journey and make sure none of your content gets left behind.

Manage stakeholder expectations and resources to deliver your project on time

Ask yourself, how are you planning to create your new website? Is it with an in-house team, with a website design agency, or both? If you’re approaching a big project, you also need to decide what platform you’re going to use.

Once these details are final, you’ll have to set out:

  • The resources you need (copywriting, design, video, development)
  • Internal stakeholder management (who has final sign off)
  • Technical aspects (multi-lingual content, dependencies)
  • Design and positioning
  • Timeline and budget

We'll give you an overview of the many, many details you'll need to consider, so sign up, book a slot in your diary and we’ll see you there!

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