SEO is dead. Long live search engine compatibility.

Phil Vallender

Phil Vallender

Jan 15, 2013


Everyone is talking about link building, but what does the future hold for the traditional arm of search engine optimisation?

Ever since Google rightly pioneered trust as the fuel in organic search engine results, SEO has undergone a transformation. In it's place are two distinct disciplines; link building and traditional (on-page) SEO.

Whichever way you look at it, success within the trust based search system is obtained through link building. The way to rise from your natural position within the search engine rankings is earn valuable links to your site through the production of unique content. Hence the link builders get ALL the press these days and no one is talking about traditional SEO. But what determines that 'natural' position in the rankings.

Search Engine Optimisation has become Search Engine Compatibility

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The principles of traditional SEO are now so well and widely understood and implemented that they have ceased to be optimisation principles and have become essential compatibility principles. Web developers, SEO consultants and the search engines themselves now work together so well that there is no room for mistakes in your on-page SEO. While it's true that great traditional SEO may not see your page rocketing up through the search engine rankings, even a simple error can see it plummeting down them.

Traditional SEO used to be a tool that could differentiate your business from another. But the rules have changed and to not perform traditional SEO on your website is now irresponsible and potentially disastrous.

Lets look at a simple example. We recently took over responsibility for a client's website that, on the face of it, had good SEO. However, we immediately noticed a spelling mistake in a keyword on a key page, in the meta page title. Correcting the spelling saw the page jump from page three to the very top of page two for that keyword in Google almost overnight.

Search Engine Compatibility is essential, not optional

So it's no longer an option, you have to perform basic SEO on your website in order to be compatible and to compete. If it isn't already, it should be a mandatory task for any web developer, webmaster or marketing individuals you hire.

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