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The annual HubSpot conference; we're all going for different reasons

Sean Sweet

Sean Sweet

Nov 4, 2016


Last year was our first experience of INBOUND in Boston. At the time we were relatively new to HubSpot; Phil and I didn't know what to expect - we had a great time though, learned a lot and had a few too many beers.

Next week we're going to do it all over again but this time we know what to expect and how to get the most from 4 days in one of America's most beautiful cities. We'll be accompanied by Amanda, Blend's content strategist, who will be getting the newbie experience. We all want different things from the experience and, being enthusiastic content producers, we thought we'd blog about our hopes for the week. 

Amanda McGrath, Content Strategist

It's been an amazing year for us so far here at Blend, and INBOUND is set to be the icing on the cake. It's my first visit, and I intend to make the most of it by going to as many sessions as possible. I still believe that SEO is essential to effective content marketing, and I'm pretty thrilled to see my Whiteboard Friday hero, Rand Fishkin, in the flesh on Friday, but I'm also taking a real interest in CRO-focused talks from Jessica Maher and Pamela Vaughan.

My main agenda for the event is to find ideas that will help us develop new offerings and build our team. We're growing very rapidly, and I'm looking forward to hearing Nate Riggs talk about: 'How to Cultivate Your Inbound Marketing & Sales Workforce'.

Finally, as a 30 Rock and SNL fan, I'm interest to hear what Alec Baldwin has to say after the election results.



Phil Vallender, Director

INBOUND is my professional Burning Man, a festival of the work I love doing more than anything else - inbound marketing. Inbound has a fair amount of hype around it and not everything you hear at INBOUND can necessarily benefit you - I'm on the lookout for the things that can. I scour the agenda for the sessions that I think will hold the most exciting and actionable advice for our customers. Outside of the sessions I'll be catching up with old friends and making new ones - Hubspot users, other agency partners and fantastic hubspotters. I go to INBOUND to be inspired, entertained and energized. There really is no other event like it.

The thing that I am most excited about this year is finding new, scalable strategies that we can take home and apply not just as a one off, but as a consistent part of our inbound service. One of the sessions I'm most excited about is Nick Sal's Chaos Under Control: How to Organize a Messy Contacts Database to Market More Effectively. Nick played an important role in our success, albeit from afar, when he headed up the partner team at HubSpot and his talk speaks to an issue which I think is key to inbound success, data quality.



Sean Sweet, Director

When you own and manage any business, it can become a rather insular experience; however big and however great the team around you. Financial pressures, the weight of decisions to make and the risks associated with getting it wrong, all create a bubble that's hard to escape from day-to-day.

Going to the HubSpot annual INBOUND conference gives me a chance to talk to similar people from all over the world. The wealth of information and shared experience from those involved in Inbound marketing is incredibly refreshing; it's this that I look forward to most about attending next week's event in Boston.

The diary is already packed full with keynotes, breakout sessions, meetings with smaller agencies to help them and larger ones to help us. It's corny to use the term "sharing" but it's so true over the 4 days; everyone is encouraged by an atmosphere that promotes collaboration and openness.

This year will be particularly interesting with the results of the presidential elections (unlike any I can remember) coinciding with our arrival, hearing the reactions of those from the US and abroad will be fascinating and an added bonus to what will be an amazing week.

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