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BankBI - Achieving a 600% increase in lead generation within six months

Inbound Marketing SaaS Startup

The challenge

BankBI wanted to establish themselves as the go-to provider of cloud-based banking business intelligence software. To do this they needed a SaaS marketing strategy that could engage prospects and help them to demonstrate their capability.

The team understood who their customer was and what challenges they faced, but needed help taking their message to market. They knew they needed an innovative approach in order to reach their buyers and stand out from much larger incumbent competitors.

Inbound Marketing has taken financial commitment from us but we are seeing significant and on-going returns on that investment.

Simon Goble
Commercial Director | BankBI

Creating a website beyond expectations

Hubspot Mobile Site

Website design & development

Blend created an all-new website for BankBI featuring fresh messaging and clear customer journey, helping visitors understand their offering quickly and easily. Built on the HubSpot platform, the website is completely integrated with BankBI's inbound marketing strategy, optimised for search and can be personalised to the individual visitor.

Blend created a website beyond our expectations. It actually helped us to understand our own business from the customer’s perspective; we’d become immersed in our own bubble to the extent where it was hard to put ourselves in the client’s shoes

Simon Goble
Commercial Director | BankBI

Website Design
Inbound Web Design

Inbound marketing

After working with BankBI to identify their key personas and the right keywords to compete for, Blend developed a content marketing plan aimed at driving organic traffic and generating leads.

The content Blend creates helps extend the reach of BankBI's brand online as well as educating and influencing prospects - building trust and preference for BankBI's solution.

Since commiting to inbound marketing

Growth Hacking

400%Growth in website traffic in six months


Average content conversion rate28%

The conversations we now have with prospects are much more informed. We’ve found that people are already aware of what we do and are usually looking for help and advice; sometimes they simply want our solution.

Simon Goble
Commercial Director | BankBI

The results

A sustained commitment to inbound marketing has resulted in significantly higher organic traffic and lead generation results.

400% growth in website traffic

At the outset, BankBI's website traffic was 100% direct. Within six months, overall website traffic had increased 400%, with a significant and sustained increase in organic search traffic.

Average content conversion rate of 28%

Increases in website traffic were made even more valuable by high quality content that converts at a very high rate. BankBI quickly began building a sizable list of qualified contacts from the finance market and, through ongoing inbound marketing, can demonstrate their knowledge and expertise.

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