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Safran – Inbound marketing strategy increases organic web traffic by 1185% 


The challenge

Safran is a market-leading provider of project controls and risk analysis software. Founded in 1997, their solutions help businesses across the globe plan and execute complex projects in a diverse range of sectors, including engineering, construction, and aerospace.

Due to a lack of consistent, optimised content on their website, organic traffic and visitor engagement was low. So, Safran tasked Blend with creating an inbound lead generation programme that would improve website performance, and support their ambitious sales and growth plans in the UK and Northern Europe.

Blend helped us refresh our website and create impactful content to attract and delight prospects. They then applied their HubSpot expertise to produce a series of inbound programmes to provide ongoing value for our customers.

Richard Wood
CEO, Safran

Nurturing leads at every stage of the buyer’s journey

Working with Safran, we developed a content marketing strategy that demonstrated brand authority, increased engagement, and marketed their products to a wider audience.

We began by creating buyer personas to better understand Safran's target audience, before taking a deep-dive into their product suite. This enabled us to explore new features and uncover common queries, driving our efforts to improve SEO and helping us identify attractive keywords for future content.

Leads are captured, managed, nurtured, and passed to sales at the right time thanks to Hubspot’s Marketing Hub.



Organic traffic has increased year-on-year since Safran began working with us. Between November 2016 and August 2020, organic sessions rose by 1185%. A consistent focus on conversion has also seen the number of leads and MQLs grow significantly over the same period.

Safran is now recognised as a trustworthy and reliable voice in the project controls community. With Blend’s help, they continued to expand, bringing their cutting-edge software solutions to an even wider audience.


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