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Content Marketing

Stop selling - start helping

Content marketing is the foundation of inbound lead generation, playing a vital role from the creation of organic search traffic through to the generation of leads and opportunities opportunities.

Our inbound marketing service covers every aspect of your content marketing, enabling your business to create helpful, valuable and engaging content that gets you seen, builds trust and draws your buyers closer.

Strategy and Planning

Making sure your content hits home

Knowing who we are writing for and where they go to find solutions like yours are critical components of successful content marketing.

At the start of our engagement we create your buyer personas, keyword strategy and content plan. These are continually revised so that we are always improving performance and able to take advantage of changes and opportunities in your market.

Content Creation

The cornerstone of modern marketing

Creating quality is the biggest marketing challenge facing technology companies today, but is vital to driving up website visits and leads.

We create regular high-quality content, including blog posts, ebooks, videos and other rich media, as determined by our strategy, so that your website has an ever increasing search footprint and lead generation potential.

Content Promotion

Amplifying the reach of your content

Creating a piece of content is only the beginning - making sure it reaches as many people as possible requires promotion.

We integrate your original content with content that we curate on your behalf so that is seen by a growing social media audience. We also manage advertising and sponsored content campaigns to help your content reach even more prospects.

Search Engine Optimisation

Optimising the past while looking to the future

A sound keyword strategy, properly applied throughout your website and content, has the potential to power your results to extraordinary heights.

We start by performing keyword research and defining your keyword strategy to help you rank for attractive, relevant terms that can drive traffic. We then continually monitor and re-optimise your SEO, building on results and seizing opportunities.

How we work

Content Marketing is one of three core pillars of our inbound marketing service, alongside lead generation and marketing automation.

Inbound marketing is measurable and scalable. Pick from one of our inbound packages or work with us to create a bespoke plan to achieve your specific traffic, leads and customer goals.

How fast your goals are achieved depends on how much you want to invest in inbound, but there is always a plan that’s affordable.

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