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Responsive SaaS and Software Website Design
“Blend went above and beyond to create a website for Mantic Point that drives traffic and generates leads. ”

- Mike Atherton, CEO, Mantic Point

Services provided by Blend

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The challenge

Despite great feedback from their existing network, and a growing reputation in the travel sector, Mantic Point were struggling to reach new audiences and potential customers.

Their legacy WordPress website was hampering their organic traffic performance. With a non-responsive design and unclear customer journey, the website's conversion rate was low.

How we helped

New website design for clearer customer journeys.

The website

A clean, flat design was chosen for the website, with an emphasis on travel photography and simplified icons. A reduced palette brought visual consistency to calls to action, headings and links, while a motion hover state on the home page gave it a dynamic feel. Ensuring that the site was responsive was a top priority, given Mantic Point’s specialisation in travel itinerary apps.

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Content marketing to inform, engage and inspire.

Inbound marketing

Our content team create downloadable content such as topical Q&As from industry figures and evergreen whitepapers on areas such as mobile strategy for travel management and travel risk management.

We also produce regular updates for Mantic Point's travel technology blog on subjects such as changes in buyer behaviour, the impact of the sharing economy and emerging technologies and trends.


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The results

Our evergreen and blog content production had lead to a steady improvement in organic traffic in the run up to the new site launch, 

Compared to March 2015, March 2016 brought a 200% increase to organic visits. Even compared to the last full month of the old website in January, the increase is over 100%.

The increase in conversions has also been fantastic, with a 400% rise in organic contacts over March 2015 and a 100% increase in all contacts month-on-month.

Most importantly, the new site has received regular product demo requests since its launch, bringing new enquiries to Sales every week. 

The new site brought an impressive increase in traffic month on month.

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