Life Science Website Design and Development

Creating a leading life science website requires industry experience. Your website should create valuable opportunities, playing a crucial role in driving engagement and building connections. We can help you to attract, captivate, and convert stakeholders within the life science community.

Explore our portfolio of life science websites and discover why so many businesses trust us to create their website.


Full-service life science website agency

We have a full in-house team, covering strategy, creative, content, and development, providing the four crucial components for successful life science websites.


A high-performing website begins with a sound strategy. By aligning website design strategically to your overarching goals, we transform websites into impactful business growth.


With life science websites, crafting copy that resonates with scientists is key. We determine what to say, perfect how to say it, and deliver web copy that talks to your audience.


Our studio designs websites that create an intuitive user experience that communicates how you solve their pains better than the competition.


We build for now and the future. Our developers create flexible websites you can easily edit yourself as new needs arise.

Accredited life science website agency

We understand that redesigning your website is a big decision, and that you need confidence in an agency that can provide results.

The best platform for scalable life science websites is HubSpot CMS. We’re extremely proud to hold the advanced HubSpot CMS implementation accreditation, which has been awarded to less than 0.25% of HubSpot partners globally. The accreditation highlights our trusted expertise in creating best-in-class HubSpot websites.

Advanced CMS Implementation Certified-1

What HubSpot say about us

It is an absolute joy to work alongside the Blend team. They deliver exceptional work at the highest quality on a consistent basis. They are extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of HubSpot, with particular expertise in website development and design.

They successfully achieved our advanced CMS accreditation which has been awarded to less than 1% of HubSpot partners globally. This demonstrates their commitment to building premium websites, many of which we showcase as best in class HubSpot design examples.

– Lisa Kelly

Strategic Partner Success Manager, HubSpot

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ISO 27001 accredited website development

As an accredited ISO 27001 agency, we prioritise data protection and maintain the highest level of security practices. We understand the need for enterprise businesses to maintain security integrity at all times - even when overhauling their website. That's why we're dedicated to delivering complete peace of mind when it comes to security. 

From day one, it was clear that Blend understood our challenges, had the knowledge in-house, the energy, and the drive to work alongside us to build the new website.

George Gibbons, Marketing Manager, Biocair

Blend is an incredible combination of data-driven inbound strategy and extraordinary creative talent.

Josh Bouk

Vice President as Cass Information Systems

From our very first meeting blend understood our challenges and knew what we needed to do to address them.

Rachel King, Marketing Director at Breathe

Transformed our digital marketing approach and websites beyond our expectations.

Paul Butler, Managing Director at Olive Communications

Blend had an efficient process and impressive ability to bring our solution to life digitally.

David Taylor, Sales and Marketing Director at Supply Pilot

85+ 5 star reviews

Ways we can help you


Is your website struggling to showcase the value of your solution, convert visitors, or generate pipeline? We specialise in creating websites that focus on commercial success.

Our process empowers visitors to easily explore your solutions, assess their fit, and convert into customers, generating a strong pipeline for your business.

We align SEO, user experience, messaging, visuals, and content with key objectives, crafting websites that prioritise results and guide visitors from consideration to purchase with confidence.


Is your life science brand outdated or failing to accurately convey your core values? We specialise in crafting brands that uniquely showcase your business.

Even if you're happy with your core brand but need greater digital impact, we elevate life science brands digitally to stand out in competitive markets.

We strategically position life science brands, developing visual and messaging frameworks with a deep understanding of your business. Our goal is to convey values, build connections, and establish credibility, recognising the significance of a strong brand for life science businesses.


Are you looking to migrate to a flexible, scalable website platform? We make migrating to HubSpot CMS a smooth process. We’ve helped businesses switch from platforms like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, or any other CMS to HubSpot with zero hassle and maximum impact.

7-step process

Extensive experience in websites has allowed us to hone a streamlined approach. This enables us to deliver exceptional websites efficiently and effectively.

1. Strategy

We create a sound strategy that includes user experience, information architecture, keyword strategy, and a redirection plan that lays the foundation for success.

2. Branding

Where necessary, we reimagine your brand to reconnect with your audience.

3. Concepts

We present you with a range of creative routes to explore, which we then discuss and utilise to refine your brand's web application.

4. Wireframes

We establish your website's layout by incorporating content, structure, and user experience considerations, translating them into easily understandable wireframes​.

5. First of type

We create the modules and templates that underpin your entire website.

6. Rest of site

We apply the first-of-type templates and populate your entire website.

7. Testing and launch​

We complete a complete QA of the website before launching and provide post-launch support​.

Life science website pricing

Website pricing depends on key elements like:

  • Size and scope
  • Design and functionality needs
  • Branding needs
  • Strategy needs

However, our bespoke, life science, websites typically start at £20,000. This allows us to craft specialised websites that drive real business impact.

Why we use HubSpot for websites

Your marketing budget isn't meant for managing complex server infrastructure and software patches. It's better spent creating effective, buyer-centric user experiences that grow your pipeline.

HubSpot takes care of the technical stuff. It provides a powerful development and editing environment that enables you to create, optimise, and evolve a market-leading website without IT and security headaches.

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