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Brand, Website

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Branding, Strategy, Copy, Design, Development


Nevada, United States

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About the project 

Acre provide leading cloud and hybrid security solutions for businesses, giving them everything they need to protect their people and premises. Seeking to redefine their brand and reimagine their overall image, Acre partnered with Blend to undergo a complete transformation culminating in a new website built on HubSpot CMS


Their professionalism, creativity, and commitment throughout our global rebrand project were truly exceptional. From the very beginning, they demonstrated a deep understanding of our business and its unique needs, translating them into a remarkable visual identity that perfectly captured our brand essence.

Ross Wilks,
Global Head of Marketing Communications at acre security

Dynamic logo embodies flexible solutions

Acre’s logo is a visual representation of their flexible security solutions, tailored to meet specific needs. It symbolises the creation of secure environments and embodies the continuous evolution of their offerings to tackle emerging risks.


Vibrant colourways reflect core values and innovative solutions

Acre’s vision was to establish itself as a modern brand in a traditional industry and present themselves as a forward-thinking company. They opted for vibrant and striking hues against a solid backdrop, which represents the businesses values, characteristics, and personality, whilst also breaking free from the industry norms. When combined, the free-form gradient demonstrates the harmonious integration of Acre’s solutions.


Colour treatment in photography builds a distinctive and cohesive brand image

Acre is built on two fundamental beliefs: safeguarding business premises and protecting people. To effectively convey these principles while maintaining a consistent brand image, they required a flexible solution. By integrating their distinct gradient into photography that represents these elements, Acre achieves a cohesive brand identity and maximises every chance for brand recall.

4_Image treatment

Flexible use of imagery to seamlessly extend the brand across different formats

Acre's imagery effortlessly adapts to various formats, providing versatility and flexibility. With a wide array of options to choose from, the brand guarantees consistent and captivating visuals across different channels. This ensures that imagery remains engaging and impactful, regardless of the platform or medium.


Acre was in the midst of undertaking a brave restructuring of their entire organisation when they approached Blend. This presented a rare opportunity to fully commit to the conception of a fresh new visual language, underpinned by a forward-thinking narrative, free from the usual constraints of brands historic recognition. This was a thoroughly collaborative project, working with the stakeholders throughout every stage. Their openness, self-belief and bravery are truly testament to the successful delivery of the rebrand.

Wayne Harris.
Art Director at Blend

acre at International Security Conference

New brand unveiled

Acre had their sights set on using the International Security Conference, a leading industry event, as the perfect stage to unveil their new brand. Recognising the importance of delivering a remarkable brand experience, we collaborated with Acre to ensure they had the brand assets required to make a significant impact. This allowed Acre to stand out and make a lasting impression, effectively leveraging the conference as a springboard for their brand's success.

Website transformation

Acre's website truly brings their new brand identity to life. With captivating animations, the logo seamlessly transforms, adding a dynamic flair to the browsing experience. The imagery on the site is treated with vibrant brand colours, creating a cohesive look and feel. These thoughtful details ensure a polished and unified user experience, keeping the brand consistent and professional in every interaction.

6_acre laptop mobile mockup
7_1_visitor managment

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