Amazon Filters

New website and inbound strategy grows leads by 127% YOY.

Project type

Website, Inbound 

Services provided

Strategy, Copywriting, Design, Development


United Kingdom

amazonfilters logo and ui

Amazon Filters, a leading global manufacturer and supplier of filtration solutions, approached Blend seeking a website redesign and inbound strategy to grow website traffic and build a pipeline of qualified leads.

The challenge

Amazon Filters' existing website wasn’t converting visitors into leads. A lack of SEO-optimised content and a stagnant PPC campaign meant that they struggled to attract high volumes of relevant traffic to the website.

Redesigning the website to maximise conversion

The Blend team redesigned the website to improve the user experience and create a clear, logical journey for website visitors to increase conversion rates.

The navigation was refined and a search bar was added to help visitors find what they are looking for within Amazon Filters' large portfolio of filtration products and bespoke solutions. Clear and compelling calls to action across the site guide visitors to key content and the sales enquiry form. 

A new chatbot allows visitors to speak to sales, speeding up the decision-making process. The chatbot also assists customers, providing basic support, and direct access to the customer services team.


SEO Optimisation 

A tailored keyword strategy was implemented to help drive high-quality organic traffic to the site. Built into the site map, each core page was optimised for a commercial intent keyword. In addition, an inbound content plan was created, and SEO-optimised blog posts were written to showcase their expertise and knowledge. 

Paid traffic acquisition 

Two Google PPC campaigns were set up to increase brand visibility and generate high-quality industry-specific leads. To maximise ROI, bespoke landing pages relevant to each ad were created to help to convert new visitors into leads. 

amazonfilters case study page

Marketing Automation

Using HubSpot’s CRM and Marketing Hub, marketing automation has been implemented to support lead nurturing and improve sales efficiency. New internal workflows segment leads by enquiry type and region, helping to assign prospects to the most relevant customer representative. 

amazonfilters blog pages

The results

Following updates to the website and the implementation of an inbound strategy, traffic has grown by 34%, including a 17.5% increase in organic sessions over the past 12 months. Impressively, leads have also grown by 127%.

Over the last six months, MQLs have grown by 45%, building a steady pipeline of conversations for the sales team.  

34 %
increase in website traffic
127 %
increase in new leads
45 %
increase in MQLs

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