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Biocair, a global specialist in temperature-controlled logistics, turned to Blend for a new website that would scale to meet the demands of their growing international business and provide a better user experience for their customers.

Working alongside Biocair, we designed and built a brand new website on the HubSpot CMS Hub, helping them to reach a wider global audience and generate more qualified leads.

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The challenge

Biocair had outgrown their dated website. It no longer represented their growing international brand, and offered a poor user experience, hindering their ability to engage their audience and generate leads.

Building a website with scalability and usability in mind

"From day one, it was clear that Blend understood our challenges, had the knowledge in-house, the energy, and the drive to work alongside us to build the new website."

George Gibbons, Marketing Manager, Biocair 

Establishing an international brand

Biocair already had a strong brand, but it needed to better align with customer expectations. The new colour scheme and brand font have a lighter, more open feel, while retaining a corporate touch to promote trust and transparency.  

We created a new content hub to host their blog, resources, and case studies, and added a new ‘insights’ tab to the navigation. In addition, we redesigned Biocair's services pages, adding bold imagery and video that showcase the people of Biocair as well as their expertise.


Improving the user experience

We optimised the sitemap and navigation to help visitors find the information they need quickly and easily. A ‘Track my shipment’ call to action (CTA) was added to the navigation to better serve existing customers, while a ‘Get a quote’ CTA helps guide prospects to this key conversion point.

Biocair Icons

Engaging a global audience

We designed and built an interactive map so visitors could locate offices within Biocair's global network. Data for the map is stored in HubDB, allowing the marketing team to effortlessly update the map without developer support.

Smart content modules have been used to display different CTAs based on the visitor’s location, showing the contact information of the regional salesperson nearest to them.

Using HubSpot's localisation features, we added a language switcher into the website header to offer multi-language variations of their content.


The results

Since launch, website traffic has increased by 54%. The session-to-contact conversion rate has increased from 0.55% to 1.17%, while MQLs have grown by 152%, generating more qualified leads for the sales team.

54 %
increase in website traffic
152 %
increase in MQLs

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