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A new digital platform for growth.

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Brand, Website, Inbound

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Strategy, Design, Copywriting, Development


Missouri, United States

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The challenge

Cass Information Systems (Cass) is a multi-national provider of enterprise expense management solutions, headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri.

Following our success implementing an inbound marketing program and website for the Telecom group, Cass selected Blend to help replace the entire company’s outdated website and position the business to drive growth more effectively from digital marketing.

I can easily say that in 20 years of marketing, Blend is the best vendor I have worked with. In building our new site, they guided us about best practices, worked quickly to keep the project on schedule, and answered our questions expediently.

Melia Cothran
Marketing Manager

Giving incredible heritage a new home

Cass has a long history of excellence in expense and payments management. Reflecting this calibre, and its commitment to sector leadership, became our guiding principles while creating the group's new website. At the same time, we aimed to dramatically modernise Cass's online presence and enable all marketing teams to leverage content, inbound marketing and marketing automation.

Working together with a highly motivated community of Cass stakeholders, these objectives have been knocked out of the park.

Cass solutions

Group website creation

Cass's website is large. So, we began the project by auditing the existing website, defining a new and improved structure, and identifying which content should be created, refreshed or migrated.

Designed and built to scale, the new-look Cass website uses flexible page templates that give each team independent control while ensuring that they remain a part of a harmonious corporate whole.

At the top levels of the site, our writers worked with Cass to overhaul key content and update its positioning and message. Other content was carefully migrated to the new site and URLs redirected to preserve SEO and organic traffic.

The website is built on the HubSpot CMS, as recommended by Blend, giving Cass access to cutting edge content optimisation and marketing automation tools.

Cass website overview

Integration with multiple
Salesforce instances

A requirement of the new website was integration with the business' multiple Salesforce CRM systems. To meet this need, we introduced and worked with Bedrock Data to create the integration between HubSpot and, initially, three instances of Salesforce.

Blend, Bedrock Data and Cass worked together to develop solutions to complex data mapping challenges. These help the various teams share information about prospects and accounts while allowing them to pursue new business in adherence with their individual sales processes.

All marketing-critical data is harmonised on HubSpot, enabling the different marketing teams to effectively communicate with their contacts, and supporting multi-proposition cross-sell campaigns where appropriate.

Contact & map

A platform for growth

With corporate and group blogs, a database-backed resource library, flexible page templates, the power of HubSpot's Marketing Hub, and Bedrock Data's Sync connecting everything with Salesforce, the new Cass website really is a platform for growth.

Cass's marketing teams can now run sophisticated, integrated marketing campaigns, improve SEO through content creation and personalise communications at scale.

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