132% increase in demo requests with new HubSpot website

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About the project 

Labguru provides best-in-class lab management software to pioneering research and development teams. They needed a new website to showcase their powerful platform, amplify their brand, and harness the benefits of HubSpot.

The new website captures these elements perfectly. From eye-catching product visuals to developer-friendly HubDB table elements – Labguru now has a website that champions their software and is customisable for the future. And a striking new brand makes Labguru truly stand out.

The challenge

Labguru had ambitious growth targets. They were already experiencing growth of 50% year-over-year, but wanted to increase this to 100%.

Labguru already knew that more of their market was turning to Google to look for lab management solutions. As a result, they knew they needed to drastically improve their SEO and website to attract visitors and drive demo requests.

They were already using HubSpot CMS and were happy with the platform, but needed help from an agency to build a truly inbound-optimised website. After seeing Blend's work and expertise, Labguru knew that Blend had the SEO and website expertise to increase their discoverability and inbound performance.

Website strategy

The first step was to devise an effective website strategy to inform design, content, and development. Labguru has an experienced in-house marketing team that we collaborated with on the core elements of the website strategy including messaging, keyword research, user experience, and sitemap.

LBG Sitemap

Website design

With the strategy and content in place, Blend’s creative team quickly got to work on designing a website that:

  1. Elevated the application of the brand
  2. Instils trust in prospects
  3. Differentiates Labguru from their competitors
  4. Provides a user experience that enables buyers to educate, evaluate, and convert effectively
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Website development

We focused on developing Labguru's website with a strong emphasis on scalability, and usability. As leading HubSpot website developers, we leveraged the full stack of HubSpot Content Hub tools to create a website that strikes the right balance between consistency and ease of use.


To bolster Labguru's SEO performance, we ensured the website was optimised for speed and Google's Core Web Vitals. Despite the use of animation and video, we were able to streamline the website code and implement low-file-size solutions to maximise page load speed wherever possible.



The new website has delivered exceptional results, driving significant improvements in SEO performance and increasing inbound demo requests.

Our focus on keyword-optimising Labguru's website pages led to a 19% increase in website sessions year-over-year.

LBGR Earned sessions
Improving the website user experience to provide buyers with the necessary information and social proof led to a 132% increase in demo requests year-over-year. This was a significant driver in Labguru achieving their growth targets.
LBGR demo requests

The website's wide-ranging impact

Labguru's partnership with Blend has had a significant impact on their business:

  • They now have a website that's easy to edit and evolve.
  • Their improved SEO has significantly increased their visibility in search results.
  • The website has supported their journey to being recognised as an industry-leading solution.
  • They now consistently generate high-quality inbound demo requests through their website, helping them meet their business growth targets.

Blend designed and developed our HubSpot-based website. The team is friendly and professional, working with Simran was great. They really helped us stand out and improve our conversion rate.

Shir Alon,
Growth Marketing Manager at Labguru

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