CRM Integration

When leads fill out their own data in the CRM, the sales team rejoices – no longer is the CRM just an expensive rolodex requiring manual updates, it's a source of new, qualified leads to assist.

Integrating your CRM with your marketing automation platform is how you realise these benefits, and we make that happen. 

Hubspot CRM Integration

Salesforce integration

HubSpot's native integration with Salesforce is powerful and comprehensive. Setting it up is complex.

We've got plenty of experience with these integrations, so we can ensure the correct data flows, and customise the integration to align with your use of Salesforce.

We'll make sure your HubSpot and Salesforce systems play nice and support seamless lead management across the whole lifecycle. Our approach includes:

  • Ensuring the right data flows between the two
  • Aligning and mapping fields and properties across the two systems
  • Syncing the right deals, tasks and notes
  • Managing sales owner assignment
  • Configuring Salesforce to show HubSpot behaviour data

Other CRMs

There are a ton of CRM systems out there. We've encountered a bunch of them, but not all. Some integrate better than others. Some can't at all.

If yours can be integrated with HubSpot, we'll find a way. If necessary, we'll help you use Zapier, Bedrock or any other integration provider to do it.

If there is simply no way, we'll tell you. Have you heard of the HubSpot CRM by the way? It’s free.

Salesforce Hubspot Integration

Our approach to HubSpot CRM integration

Integration between HubSpot and third-party CRMs is usually a one-time thing, so we do it on a project and consultancy basis. If you have an inbound marketing or inbound sales retainer with us, we'll have no problem maintaining or tweaking the integration down the line.

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