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Marketing Automation

Personalised marketing made scalable

Marketing automation is powerful tool that can be used to effectively monitor, harness and scale up your inbound marketing.

We use HubSpot's inbound marketing software to knit together every aspect of your inbound marketing strategy - at every stage of the funnel and for every persona.

Powered by HubSpot

The best tool for the job

HubSpot combines powerful content marketing, lead generation, email automation, social media management, SEO and analytics tools, and much more, in one intuitive and simple-to-use package - which is why we choose it over all other marketing automation platforms.

Our expertise on the HubSpot platform makes a tangible difference to the inbound results we generate for clients.

Personalised Email

Making email work for you again

Marketing automation allows the creation of one-to-one marketing communications, that resonate and generate responses, at scale.

Using the information gained through your forms, and other insights, we create completely contextualised emails that are personalised to the recipient, contain the most valuable information and sent at the most appropriate time.

Lead Nurturing

Adding value to the buyer's journey

Combining contextualised email with sophisticated, event-driven workflows, we automate the nurturing of every lead, without losing the power of personalisation.

Creating nurturing workflows is only the beginning. We iteratively review and update them in order to continually improve performance.

Measurement and Reporting

A single version of the truth

Inbound marketing is already measurable. Marketing automation makes it transparent.

Across web, email and social, every metric is visible to you in your marketing automation portal. Together we can discuss the cause of every success and trace the journey of every lead.

How we work

Marketing automation is the foundation of our inbound marketing service, upon which we build your content marketing and lead generation.

Inbound marketing is measurable and scalable. Pick from one of our inbound packages or work with us to create a bespoke plan to achieve your specific traffic, leads and customer goals.

How fast your goals are achieved depends on how much you want to invest in inbound, but there is always a plan that’s affordable.

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