Sales enablement

Content, processes and tools for inbound sales teams

Outfit your sales force with the right content, consistent processes and powerful tools to align them with modern buyer behaviour and preferences.

Our sales enablement services will help you make the most of the latest generation of sales technology and embrace inbound sales.


Sales content

Sales need the right content to continue educating qualified leads and earn their trust, by adding value to their decision process.

Blend develops the guides, case studies, comparisons, checklists and videos that help sales to close more deals.

Sales processes

Creating consistency and repeatability within your sales processes enhances efficiency and measurability.

Using existing behaviours as the foundation, Blend can help you capture, systemise and improve your sales processes.


Sales technology

HubSpot Sales gives your sales team the edge when it comes to identifying, engaging and helping buyers.

Blend will help you to deploy, configure and drive maximum benefit from HubSpot's sales tools.

How we do sales enablement

A sales enablement retainer will let you enjoy regular sales content creation, and the ongoing development and improvement of sales processes and techniques.

As your sources of opportunity grow, we can help you keep on top of your data, streamline your sales efforts, and evolve your sales results.

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