Supply Pilot

Flying high with a new brand, new site, and new customers.

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Strategy, Copy, Design, Development


HubSpot CMS


About the project 

Supply Pilot needed a website that communicated their new brand and proposition while harnessing the functionality and power of HubSpot.

The new website uses subtle animation and a clean design to bring their new brand to life. Streamlined navigation and clear calls to action improve the user experience, while unique service pages showcase the platform and break down their complex processes, making them easy to digest and understand.

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The challenge

Supply Pilot, previously targeting only large retailers, realised the potential they had to help more businesses drive sustainable change in their products and supply chain. To expand their market, they simplified their brand to appeal to a broader audience and developed a new go-to-market strategy.

They wanted to use inbound demand generation to create and capture demand in their buyers' channels, focusing on their website as the foundation.


The solution

Blend combined the four key pillars of a successful website (strategy, content, design, and development) to create a website that enables Supply Pilot to address their new market of manufacturing and CPG brands, whilst remaining relevant to their traditional retail clients. The website enhances discoverability and maximises conversions.

I’m extremely proud of the results from the new website. Blend had an efficient process and impressive ability to bring our solution to life digitally. This has played a crucial role in expanding our market and driving commercial success.

David Taylor
Sales and Marketing Director



Within 12 months of launching the new website into a wider and more competitive market, it has delivered exceptional commercial results:

  • Increased marketing qualified leads by 34%.
  • Generated a consistent flow of inbound sales qualified leads.
  • Significantly increased pipeline generated through the website.
  • Reduced the enterprise customer acquisition sales cycle.

Wide-ranging impact

As well as commercial success, Supply Pilot’s new website has had an impact operationally and strategically:

  • They were able to successfully widen their market and communicate with a new audience effectively.
  • They have greater discoverability in search than ever before.
  • They consistently generate high-intent inbound leads through their website.
  • They can now evolve their website with the evolution of their business.

Read the full case study: Supply Pilot grows inbound qualified pipeline with  new HubSpot website

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