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The inbound demand generation and HubSpot website agency

At Blend we believe two things:

  1. B2B websites and marketing must focus on generating pipeline.
  2. To achieve a frictionless customer experience, your martech can no longer be considered separately from the other tech that powers your business.

This is why we've built an agency that specialises in true B2B inbound demand generation that leverages HubSpot websites to generate pipeline.

Our team

Sean Sweet Profile Pic Sean Sweet Profile GIF

Sean Sweet

Managing Director

Phil Vallender Profile Pic Phil Vallender Profile GIF

Phil Vallender


Amanda McGrath Profile Pic Amanda McGrath Profile GIF

Amanda McGrath

Commercial Director

Mike Thomas Profile Pic Mike Thomas Profile GIF

Mike Thomas

Technical Director

Paul Tapping Profile Pic Paul Tapping Profile GIF

Paul Tapping

Creative Director

Neil Methold Profile Pic

Neil Methold

Financial Director

Alisa Maksymchuk Profile Pic Alisa Maksymchuk Profile GIF

Alisa Maksymchuk

Web Developer

Ally Perry Profile Pic Ally Perry Profile GIF

Ally Perry

Senior Designer

Ananya Jain Profile Pic Ananya Jain Profile GIF

Ananya Jain

Inbound Marketing Executive

Calum Joyce Profile Pic Calum Joyce Profile GIF

Calum Joyce


Clare Chan Profile Pic Clare Chan Profile GIF

Clare Chan

Art Director

Dan Stillgoe Profile Pic Dan Stillgoe Profile GIF

Dan Stillgoe

Marketing Manager

Daniel Pizzey Profile Pic Daniel Pizzey Profile GIF

Daniel Pizzey


Diana Žareiko  Profile Pic Diana Žareiko  Profile GIF

Diana Žareiko


El Cook Profile Pic El Cook Profile GIF

El Cook

Content Writer

Elena Hemming Profile Pic Elena Hemming Profile GIF

Elena Hemming

Senior Digital Designer

Emma Hilton Profile Pic Emma Hilton Profile GIF

Emma Hilton

Senior Account Director

Jack Cole Profile Pic Jack Cole Profile GIF

Jack Cole

Motion Designer

Jasmine Ojbro Profile Pic Jasmine Ojbro Profile GIF

Jasmine Ojbro

Senior Strategist

John Websell Profile Pic John Websell Profile GIF

John Websell

Content Writer

Kaitlyn Potter Profile Pic Kaitlyn Potter Profile GIF

Kaitlyn Potter

Senior Account Manager

Katie Stevens Profile Pic Katie Stevens Profile GIF

Katie Stevens

Inbound Marketing Executive

Kristiana Briede Profile Pic

Kristiana Briede

Head of Strategy

Lucy Newsham Profile Pic Lucy Newsham Profile GIF

Lucy Newsham

Junior Designer

Martina Royall Profile Pic Martina Royall Profile GIF

Martina Royall

Accounts Administrator

Nikola Garricks Profile Pic Nikola Garricks Profile GIF

Nikola Garricks

Account Director

Rachel Osborne Profile Pic Rachel Osborne Profile GIF

Rachel Osborne

Account Manager

Robert Keegan Profile Pic Robert Keegan Profile GIF

Robert Keegan

Content Lead

Ruth Balnave Profile Pic Ruth Balnave Profile GIF

Ruth Balnave

Traffic Manager

Sean Williams Profile Pic Sean Williams Profile GIF

Sean Williams

Digital Campaign Manager

Simran Toor Profile Pic Simran Toor Profile GIF

Simran Toor

Account Manager

Sophie Branigan Profile Pic Sophie Branigan Profile GIF

Sophie Branigan

Content Writer

Tim Joyce Profile Pic Tim Joyce Profile GIF

Tim Joyce

Senior Developer

Wayne Harris Profile Pic Wayne Harris Profile GIF

Wayne Harris

Art Director

Zach Klein Profile Pic Zach Klein Profile GIF

Zach Klein

Data Integration Developer


Our story

Blend was born when founders Sean and Phil met and identified a shared vision - to create an agency that combined high-quality creative work with commercial and technical understanding, thereby creating valuable results and lasting relationships.

Nowadays, B2B purchase decisions are overwhelmingly researched, discussed, and made online - and buyers are in charge. Blend, through its combination of strategic inbound marketing and website services, and its HubSpot expertise, helps clients align to this reality and lean into their buyers' preferred path to purchase.

We've gone on to grow an incredible team, worked with many wonderful clients and become a leading B2B agency.

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Went inbound
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Became HubSpot Partner
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Became a Platinum Partner
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Won Grand Prize for Website Design
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Became a Diamond Partner
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Won Impact Award for Website Design
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Won Impact Award for Website Design
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Awarded Advanced Implementation Certification for HubSpot CMS
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Became an Elite Partner
Awarded HubSpot Onboarding Accreditation
Won Product Excellence Impact Award

Blend's team of experts are highly knowledgeable, approachable, willing, energetic, and everything else. Would 100% recommend.

We've struck gold, in terms of working with an agency that is not only knowledgeable in what they do, but friendly, professional, and just a pleasure to deal with.

We have worked with Blend for nearly a year now and they are hands-down the best HubSpot agency we have worked with.

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