Managed HubSpot website migration

A management wrapper that reduces risk around HubSpot's migration service.

managed migration illustration

What we offer

HubSpot's website migration service is a fast, cost-effective way onto the class-leading infrastructure of the HubSpot CMS Hub. While it does not produce the same performance or usability results as a custom coded site, it does do away with your need to manage, maintain, update, secure and optimise your website hosting platform.

We manage the process for you, using our experience building over 100 websites on the platform, to ensure that the migration you approve and ultimately accept is fully functional, aesthetically close to the original, and fit for purpose.

Why pay for migration management?

HubSpot's migration service is excellent. But, to the uninitiated, the assessment notes, the semi-automated process, and acceptance of the final product carry some risk. We identify challenges ahead of time and problems early, feeding back issues to HubSpot where appropriate and developing plans to mitigate any others with you.

Long term your costs to fix issues later will be reduced and your ROI on moving to HubSpot increased.

Migration vs. custom development

If website performance metrics like page speed and Core Web Vitals, flexibility and the editing experience, or the user experience on your website are your primary concerns, HubSpot’s website migration service is not right for your company.

Only a unique, custom written, designed and developed HubSpot website can deliver against all of these objectives while also allowing you to enjoy the other benefits of HubSpot's CMS platform.