HubSpot website migration service

Efficient migration of your website to HubSpot CMS from as little as $2,500. We manage and complete the entire migration in-house, leaving you with peace of mind and a website primed for growth.


Migrate your website to HubSpot CMS

HubSpot Content Hub is the go-to content management system for today's marketers. It handles the technical side and provides you with a user-friendly editing experience. No more dealing with complex hosting, countless plugins, or the need for developers to make simple website updates.

No matter your motivation for moving to HubSpot CMS, our team will ensure a smooth website migration that's completed to the highest standards.

Common platforms we migrate to HubSpot

WordPress to HubSpot CMS

Webflow to HubSpot CMS

Sitecore to HubSpot CMS

Joomla to HubSpot CMS

Drupal to HubSpot CMS

Custom Build to HubSpot CMS

Revive your website with our migration service


If your current website is hard to edit, maintain, and evolve without requiring developers, our migration service will solve this pain. We'll migrate your website into your own HubSpot Theme, equipping you with flexible, drag-and-drop modules and sections to grow your website.


HubSpot CMS is already a fantastic choice for high-performance, quick websites, but our migration service elevates this even further. We streamline your back-end code, and use lightweight solutions wherever possible on your website to maximise performance.


When we migrate your website to HubSpot, it will seamlessly integrate with the CRM. This integration allows you to leverage your data for personalised web experiences. With this powerful combination, you can deliver tailored content and messaging to visitors across your entire website.

Our migration process

Our extensive experience in migrating websites onto HubSpot CMS has enabled us to create an efficient process.

Catalogue modules

We catalogue how many modules your website has at desktop and mobile resolution.


We review opportunities to consolidate and simplify website modules. Wherever possible, we'll rebuild them using scalable tools within the HubSpot platform, like HubDB, blogs, etc.


We develop your website's module library and reference page, starting with the global styles and framework.

First of type

We build the templates for page types that underpin your website.


We populate the rest of your website using the first-of-type templates and your current website content.


We show your team how to access, use, and edit the modules, templates, and pages created.

Testing and launch

Before launching your migrated website, we conduct comprehensive testing. We then launch your new site and provide post-launch support to address any bugs.


HubSpot website migrations start at $2,500 

The cost for each website is determined by:

  • Number of templates
  • Number of pages
  • Advanced functionality

Please get in touch for a quote tailored to your individual website.

Specialist HubSpot website migration

Your website migration deserves the expertise of HubSpot specialists. Our in-house team of HubSpot CMS developers ensure your website is built to the highest standards.

Easy editability

With the right setup, HubSpot's CMS is highly editable. We'll ensure that you have full control to edit, maintain, and evolve your migrated website without relying on developers.

Accurate reproduction

We'll accurately recreate your website on HubSpot's CMS. The front-end appearance will remain the same, but the back-end will be completely rebuilt. This ensures that no surprises or unwanted issues appear.

High performance

Your website will be built on a streamlined and lightweight codebase optimised for performance.

Brand consistency

We balance flexibility with consistency to ensure your website remains cohesive, without sacrificing structure when building new pages.

Retained SEO

We preserve your existing metadata and URL structure during the migration. This ensures your website's SEO is carried over to the new HubSpot CMS site.

Advanced requirements

We can migrate large websites and advanced functionality to HubSpot, even if it requires custom solutions. We'll accurately rebuild your required functionality in the most effective way possible.

Accredited HubSpot website migration

To ensure your website is built with maximum editability, scalability, and performance in mind, you need to partner with a trusted HubSpot development team.

We’re extremely proud to hold the advanced HubSpot CMS implementation accreditation, which has been awarded to less than 0.25% of HubSpot partners globally. The accreditation highlights our trusted expertise in developing best-in-class HubSpot websites. 

Advanced CMS Implementation Certified-1 1

They were instrumental in migrating our website to HubSpot. Their know-how and expertise was excellent and overall it was a pleasure working with Blend. 

David Shih,
Executive Creative Director at Second Nature

They helped us move our website across to the HubSpot CMS and have provided excellent support.

Rupert Angel, Director at The Greenhouse Project

The team is very knowledgeable, works fast, and delivered a top-notch website on time. We've seen great improvements in the performance of our website.

Olof Kristjansdottir, Director of Marketing at Tempo

Over 90 5 star reviews

Proven HubSpot credentials

Advanced CMS Implementation Accreditation

6x HubSpot Website Impact Awards

#1 Agency on HubSpot Inspire Gallery

Certified HubSpot CMS Development

HubSpot Onboarding Accredited

HubSpot Website Design Impact Award - Grand Prize

HubSpot Diamond Partner


ISO 27001 accredited

As an accredited ISO 27001 agency, we prioritise data protection and maintain the highest level of security practices. We understand the need for businesses to maintain security integrity at all times - even when overhauling their website. That's why we're dedicated to delivering complete peace of mind when it comes to security. 


What's the difference between HubSpot's website migration service and yours?

HubSpot's website migration service is efficient and reasonably priced, but has limitations and is unsuitable for complex sites.

Our migration service offers a more refined approach, creating a tailored website theme built for your specific needs, rather than fitting within a pre-built framework. We'll migrate your website regardless of size or page count. Additionally, we'll migrate most custom code, interactive tools, and dynamic content using HubSpot's native CMS tools, ensuring a seamless transition of your website's functionality.

How long does a website migration take?

The timeline for website migrations varies depending on the size and complexity of your website, but we typically complete website migrations within 4 weeks.

Do you provide post-launch support?

Yes, we offer post-launch support for any bug fixes for a fixed period. Once that's over, we also have a range of support packages you can select to receive ongoing support for your website.

Do you provide training?

We will provide light-touch training for your website, which will show you how to use and edit the pages and modules we've created for you. If required, more advanced training can be provided at an extra cost.

Why we only build websites on HubSpot

Your marketing budget isn't meant for managing complex server infrastructure and software patches. It's better spent creating effective, buyer-centric user experiences that grow your pipeline.

HubSpot Content Hub takes care of the technical stuff. It provides a powerful development and editing environment that enables you to create, optimise, and evolve a market-leading website without IT and security headaches.

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