HubSpot website migration service

Our HubSpot website migration service ensures a smooth transition of your website to HubSpot CMS. We manage and complete the entire migration in-house, leaving you with peace of mind and a website primed for growth.


Smooth migration to HubSpot CMS

HubSpot CMS is the go-to content management system for today's marketers. It handles the technical side and provides you with a user-friendly editing experience. No more dealing with complex hosting, countless plugins, or the need for developers to make simple website updates.

No matter your motivation for moving to HubSpot CMS, our team will ensure a smooth website migration that's completed to the highest standards.

They helped us move our website across to the HubSpot CMS and have provided excellent support.

Rupert Angel, Director at The Greenhouse Project

The team is very knowledgeable, works fast, and delivered a top-notch website on time. We've seen great improvements in the performance of our website.

Olof Kristjansdottir, Director of Marketing at Tempo

Blend had an efficient process and impressive ability to bring our solution to life.

David Taylor, Sales and Marketing Director at Supply Pilot

Why use Blend instead of HubSpot's own website migration service?

HubSpot has a great website migration service that's efficient and reasonably priced, but it has its limits and isn't suitable for all websites. Size and complexity are the most common reasons HubSpot will reject your migration request.

Blend's migration service can:

  • Migrate basic websites regardless of size, there is no limit on page count.
  • Migrate most custom code, interactive tools, and dynamic content using HubSpot's native CMS tools.
  • Implement your third-party tools, as long as they're compatible with HubSpot CMS.

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Our HubSpot website migration process

These are the core stages that you will go through during your migration.

Step 1: Discuss your requirements

Schedule some time to talk to us about your requirements and we'll come back to you with a price that reflects your individual migration needs. This is also where we'll determine the timescales of the migration.

Step 2: Migration plan

We'll create a migration plan that aligns with the timescales agreed. This determines which templates and functionality are built when.

Step 3: Website build

Our developers will then migrate your website to HubSpot CMS, building the theme, templates, modules and any additional functionality needed.

Step 4: Content population

We populate your pages with your existing content and use HubSpot's blog importer to migrate your blog content.

Step 5: Launch and support

Before launching your website, we have a thorough quality assurance process that includes multi-person checks, with cross-browser and device testing. When we're all happy, we will launch your website and provide post-launch support to address any snags that might occur.

Our migration fundamentals

hubspot partner agency

Efficient process

We have a refined process that ensures a cost-effective and efficient migration onto an editable and robust website theme.


High-performance code

Our coding practices deliver exceptional page load speeds and Core Web Vitals scores, ensuring the best conditions for SEO and UX.


Advanced migrations

We push the boundaries of HubSpot to migrate websites with complex requirements or large page counts.