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Why Inbound?

Deliver higher quality leads to your sales team

Inbound marketing will deliver more leads of better quality into your sales pipeline. This is because inbound leads qualify themselves by choosing to consume the content you produce. The result is high-value leads for your sales team to follow up and more inbound calls to your company.

Inbound isn’t just one activity, it’s a complete approach that results in you having the right conversations with the right people, rather than talking to everyone and hoping they may want to do business with you.

Businesses that blog generate 67% more leads than those that don’t.
Source: HubSpot
How do inbound leads qualify themselves?

Most people now research their purchases thoroughly, online, before contacting potential suppliers. While they research, they’re already making up their minds about what they need and who the best supplier is, long before they ever make contact.

Sharing content that helps them understand their problems and how you solve them increases the likelihood that your company will reach their shortlist. With each additional piece of content they consume, leads become more and more qualified until either they call you or they are ready for you to call them.

Nine out of ten organisations now market with content
Source: Content Marketing Institute

Convert more leads into customers

A properly qualified lead is exactly what every sales person wants. It means they are not wasting their time on speculative opportunities but maximising their time on real ones.

  • When you go inbound your sales people will:

    • Only contact those who have expressed an interest in what you offer
    • Approach each lead with personalised intelligence from the outset
    • Convert more leads in to customers
    • Focus on selling rather than on lead generation
  • Business benefits of inbound

    • Lower cost per lead
    • Sales people properly focussed on selling
    • Higher return on investment
    • Better customer engagement before, during and after sales
    • Increased market awareness and stronger positioning

Content is now more effective than PR and magazine advertising combined.
Source: Customer Content Council

How we help

We specialise in inbound marketing for technology companies. This means we have the right experience and skills to make a real difference to your lead generation challenges. We are also HubSpot certified partners, meaning we have the tools and knowledge to manage all aspects of your inbound strategy.

64% of B2B marketers say producing content is their biggest challenge.
Source: Content Marketing Institute

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