Celebrating our 4th HubSpot Impact Award for website design

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May 07, 2019



Our work with IFIS, the not-for-profit academic publishing organisation, has been recognised in our latest HubSpot Impact Award win. The award for website design, our fourth in four consecutive years, confirms our position as leading practitioners on the HubSpot CMS and reflects the power of our results-focused approach.

What makes IFIS a winner?

The Impact Award for website design looks not only at the creativity of the solution delivered, but at the business impact it has.

In IFIS's case, the new website produced an immediate and sustained uplift in both conversion rate, which grew by 47%, and qualified lead generation, which climbed by an incredible 180%. Both metrics align closely with IFIS's objectives when deciding to work with Blend on the creation of the organisation's new online home.


At the same time as creating a conversion optimised website, IFIS and Blend worked together to re-imagine and reinvigorate its online appearance. We created a vibrant, welcoming and engaging website that has received many positive remarks from IFIS's community of customers, end-users and partners, as well as winning this award.

Leveraging the HubSpot CMS

IFIS's website, like all of our Impact Award winners, is built on the HubSpot CMS.

The technology that's integrated into HubSpot's powerful, professional CMS enables us to focus on creating the user experiences and customer journeys that lead to increased lead and demand generation.

HubSpot's built-in responsive framework, content delivery network, AMP engine and SSL security provide a fast-loading, trust-building and resilient platform on which we create beautiful, effective websites. Blend's writers, designers, and developers all understand how to leverage the HubSpot platform and how to use it to create the engagement that leads to conversion, enabling measurable performance growth time after time.

Consistent performers

At Blend, our passion is for quality creative work that consistently produces reliable results for our clients. This makes having four of our websites win four consecutive awards all the more satisfying.

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