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Design tips for B2B blogs

Posted by Clare Leake on Jul 4, 2016

Blogging is a great way for businesses to attract potential customers to their sites. However, once you’ve got them there, how do you design your blog so that the visitor wants to stay, download some content, view the rest of your site, and hopefully convert into a customer?


Is it real? Proof and Conversion Rate Optimisation in B2B Marketing

Posted by Amanda McGrath on Jun 15, 2016

Proof is the art of showing potential customers and clients that what you sell is both real and worth having. It’s one of the trickiest elements to get right in digital and inbound marketing, and can be the difference between appearing authentic or fake.


The complete guide to effective website design

Posted by Phil Vallender on Jun 13, 2016

Designing an effective website for your company needn't be difficult or astronomically expensive. It simply requires that you put the buyer, not the design, first - meeting their needs at every stage of their journey.


How we’re building a strong inbound marketing team at Blend

Posted by Sean Sweet on May 27, 2016

We've always known that having a team of committed and dedicated people would have a direct impact on Blend’s success. Developing the right culture helps us recruit and retain the best marketing minds and makes work a rewarding place to be.


How Can a Content Marketing Strategy Generate B2B ROI?

Posted by Amanda McGrath on May 24, 2016

Content marketing can generate positive ROI for B2B brands if it is effectively measured and created within a strategy that effectively balances acquisition and conversion.

These 4 steps will help you create a content marketing strategy that is focussed on creating measurable bottom-line results.


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