Robin Radar Systems harness inbound demand generation to drive business growth

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Aug 11, 2023

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During our three-year partnership, we've worked closely with Robin Radar Systems to refine their market positioning and leverage content marketing to boost awareness within their target markets. The outcome has been fantastic, with Robin Radar now being discovered by more buyers than ever and consistently generating a substantial volume of high-intent inbound leads. Read on to discover the strategies behind the work and the results that make our partnership so strong.

Our work with Robin Radar secured HubSpot's 2023 Semiannual Impact Award for Platform Excellence.

Platform Excellence

About Robin Radar

Robin Radar is a technology leader in radar tracking and classification of small objects. Their primary focus is on creating radar systems for a variety of applications, including aviation, wildlife monitoring, and perimeter security. Their products are designed to provide accurate and real-time information, enabling enhanced safety and efficiency in various industries. In the aviation sector, Robin Radar's solutions are used for bird and drone detection around airports, helping to mitigate the risk of bird strikes and improve airspace safety.

Robin Radar's commitment to advancing radar technology has made them a leading player in the industry, providing reliable and effective solutions for monitoring and detection across different sectors.

The challenge

Previously, Robin Radar's marketing approach was product-centric, overlooking the solutions and challenges they could address.

With ambitious goals to be the leading radar technology company in the airspace sector, Robin Radar wanted to evolve their positioning, by taking a solutions-led approach to appeal to a wider audience, highlighting the true value of their products.

Having a close relationship with their customers, Robin Radar understood their preferences, buying behaviour, preferred channels, content formats, and resonating messages.

Recognising that customers relied on search engines like Google to explore challenges and solutions, Robin Radar saw an opportunity to establish themselves as a thought leader in the airspace safety sector by creating high-quality, valuable content for search.

The solution

While they had made progress in content marketing, their existing content was niche and product-centric. Robin Radar came to Blend to evolve their market positioning and create industry-leading content to attract and engage a wider audience and elevate their brand.

Inbound strategy

We kicked off with our inbound strategy phase to get to know Robin Radar's business, customers, and objectives. Our trip to their offices in The Netherlands and frequent conversations with key stakeholders revealed the insights we needed to act as their trusted marketing partner.

Website migration

During our inbound strategy, we identified clear benefits of consolidating Robin Radar's website and marketing tech for easier maintenance and evolution. Picking HubSpot as their go-to marketing platform, we migrated their WordPress website to HubSpot CMS. This consolidation not only centralised their core marketing assets but also leveraged the many benefits of HubSpot CMS Hub.

This migration set the foundation for generating high-quality, easily discoverable content.

3_RBR Home Content Editor

HubSpot onboarding

With Robin Radar's website successfully migrated to HubSpot CMS, we further streamlined operations by consolidating all marketing technology within the same platform.

Through a seamless onboarding process, we integrated Robin Radar onto HubSpot Marketing Hub and Sales Hub, customising the setup to suit their specific requirements and providing comprehensive training. Now, they efficiently manage all of their marketing and sales operations in one centralised place.

4_RBR Hubspot Services

Content marketing

The inbound strategy for Robin Radar focused on content marketing to reach broader markets through search. We began with a content audit to identify:

  • Existing, high-performance content
  • Content that could be improved
  • Opportunities for new content creation

Using these insights, we crafted a tailored content plan that aligned with their vision.

To enhance search discoverability, we produced a consistent stream of high-quality blogs centred around buyer interests. We added pillar content to rank for high-volume keywords, showcasing topical authority and building rich content clusters. This approach prioritised providing solutions to their audience rather than promoting products.

5_RBR Blog and Pillar Page


To increase brand awareness and engage target industries like aviation, wind farms, and security, we utilised LinkedIn ads to distribute the top-of-funnel content we'd produced.

Meanwhile, we capitalised on the opportunity for Robin Radar to capture in-market buyers and fuel their pipeline through Google ads. We put together Google Ads campaigns that were targeted at commercial keywords, enabling Robin Radar to capture existing demand, whilst continuing to engage a wider audience with their content.


Website and conversion rate optimisation

Throughout our relationship, we've continuously refined Robin Radar's website messaging to align with their buyers' preferences, notably responding to the growing interest in drone detection among potential customers. By adapting the website messaging, content, and visuals to include drones, we showcased Robin Radar's ability to solve this new buyer challenge. The ongoing evolution also brought various enhancements, such as optimising navigation for a user-friendly experience and introducing personalised 'market' pages for different sectors.

One impactful change involved revamping the enquiry form copy, providing clear and direct instructions, which significantly increased conversion quantity and quality. 

7_RBR Contact Page Before After

Attribution model

Robin Radar previously relied solely on software attribution to measure their marketing success. However, this approach overlooked "dark" touchpoints and channels that were not visible to the software. We introduced self-reported attribution to address this, enabling a reliable measurement of all marketing efforts while cross-verifying the software attribution results.

8_RBR Attribution

The results

The three-year relationship with Robin Radar has produced an incredibly wide-ranging impact that's culminated in business growth.

Our focus on enhancing discoverability and top-of-funnel traffic through organic sources led to a remarkable 236% increase in sessions for organic search, social, and direct traffic.

RBR Earned sessions

When we started working with Robin Radar in January 2020, they had 58 keywords ranking on Google's first page. As of July 2023, this number has risen significantly to 289, with an impressive 147 of them ranking in the top 3 search results.

RBR Keywords Blog Image

Since updating the messaging on Robin Radar's enquiry page in April 2023, the conversion rate has increased by 10%.

RBR Enquiry page conversion rate

As a result of increasing discoverability, engagement, and conversion rates, Robin Radar have seen a significant increase in high-intent MQLs (contacts that expressed a clear interest in Robin Radar's offering). On average, there's been a 48% increase in monthly MQLs generated in 2023 compared to 2020.

RBR Marketing qualified leads (high-intent)

Self-reported attribution allowed us to see that the majority of high-intent leads were generated through search. We could also successfully measure the effectiveness of other marketing channels, such as conferences and social media.

RBR Self-reported attribution

The impact

Our long-term relationship with Robin Radar has brought about a significant impact:

  1. They now have a user-friendly website that's easy to maintain and update.
  2. Their streamlined martech stack efficiently supports their activities and operations.
  3. The transformation from a product focus to a solution focus has allowed them to serve customers more comprehensively.
  4. They have increased visibility and recognition as a thought leader in the airspace sector across target markets.
  5. Their marketing efforts consistently generate high-intent inbound leads through their website.

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