Episode 17

Maximising Value from Your Marketing Agency


Amanda McGrath

Amanda McGrath

Commercial Director

Dan Stillgoe

Dan Stillgoe

Marketing Manager

Episode summary

Quick note on this episode: This is not a podcast to promote Blend, or tell you to sack your current agency. We're talking about how to maximise everything from your current agency, and how to foster great relationships with new partners.

Here’s the thing: you might hold the keys to supercharge your agency's impact!

You can often make many simple changes to maximise the impact you get from your marketing agency.

In this episode of Demand Decoded, we discuss how you can extract as much value from your marketing agency as possible.

We bring insights from an agency perspective, covering what helps our customers get the most out of us.

We discuss how to

  • Improve communication with your agency.
  • Enhance transparency and clarity with your agency.
  • Get alignment between your agency and organisation's long-term goals.
  • Encourage collaboration between your in-house team and your agency.

Whether you consider your agency an extension of your team or rely on them for specific campaigns or specialities, we'll give you the tools to make the most of your partnership.