Creating a Revenue-Driving B2B Blog

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Phil Vallender

Phil Vallender


Episode summary

The role of blogs extends far beyond just acquiring traffic through search engines.

A well-executed blog can be pivotal to the overall commercial success of a B2B website.

While most B2B companies have a blog and have tried blogging at some point, few truly use it in a way that maximises benefits for their website's performance.

If you've been wondering what the purpose of your blog should be and how to use it most effectively to drive better outcomes for your business website, this episode of Websites Decoded breaks it down. Phil dives deep into the strategic role blogs can play and shares actionable tips on getting the most value out of your B2B blogging efforts.

Whether you're just getting started with blogging or have been at it for years, this is a must-listen episode for unlocking the full potential of your blog as an engine for B2B website growth and revenue generation.

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