The Role of Information Architecture in B2B Websites

Podcast host

Phil Vallender

Phil Vallender


Episode summary

When it comes to B2B websites loaded with complex product details, resources, case studies and more, having an intuitive content structure is make or break. In this episode, host Phil sits down with website strategy expert Jasmine Ojbro to discuss the crucial role of information architecture (IA).

They'll define what IA actually is and why it's so vital for delivering a seamless user experience - something that can easily get muddled on content-heavy B2B sites. Jasmine differentiates IA from a simple sitemap, providing tangible examples of companies that nailed their IA to help visitors effortlessly find what they need. Whether you're building a new site or reorganising existing content, tune in for an insightful master-class on leveraging IA to improve user experience.

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