B2B branding services

Your brand is the heart of your business and defines how your customers perceive you. Rediscover your unique narrative and reconnect with your audience.


Our B2B branding services

Full rebrand

For brands looking to redefine their identify. During a full rebrand, we get to know you, why you do what you do, and why your customers love it. After this, we host a brand workshop to brainstorm ideas and establish a clear direction for your brand. Once a direction is defined, we interrogate your business, digging deeper into its values, personality and unique selling proposition.

We unpack our findings to conceive the heart of your brand and discover its opportunities. Using this information, we develop a range of ideas that align with your values, personality, and goals. These ideas are then refined and conceptualised.

Our final step is to deliver your brand to the world. To achieve this, we create a suite of assets that tell your story consistently and authentically across all channels.

Brand elevation

If you want to update your existing brand, our creative team will work with yours to explore how we can evolve your assets. We’ll help you challenge your thinking and uncover new opportunities and ways to present your brand to the world.

Digital brand refinement

If you want to refine how your brand is portrayed through your digital assets, our creative team will work with you to provide consistent branding across all channels.

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Blend demonstrated a deep understanding of our business and its unique needs, translating them into a remarkable visual identity that perfectly captured our brand essence.

Ross Wilks, Global Head of Marketing Communications at acre security

Blend took the time to get to know our business from the inside-out to develop a brand identity that truly reflects our product and personality.

Katie Mansell, Head of Enterprise Marketing at Onecom

From our very first meeting blend understood our challenges and knew what we needed to do to address them.

Rachel King, Marketing Director at Breathe

Get to the heart of what matters

Your brand sits right at the heart of your business and is seen in all of your marketing. We help you create the strategy and the assets you need to deliver a consistent, positive experience across all touchpoints.


Brand’s role in inbound demand generation


Brand is central to inbound demand generation. It informs your messaging, your visual identity, and how you do business.

A consistent brand elevates every aspect of your marketing, especially in today’s buyer-centric world. Every touchpoint must reflect your brand authentically, so when you create demand, your brand is the one your buyer thinks of.