An enhanced customer experience drives pipeline growth for Evolok

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Sep 30, 2019



Evolok's new website combines improved SEO, UX and CRO to generate more qualified leads. And with the HubSpot platform behind the scenes, sales and marketing are aligned to deliver a seamless customer experience

Evolok develops a suite of technologies that enable online publishers to personalise user experiences, offer digital memberships and subscriptions, and to monetise their digital content.

Evolok's platform is a powerful, modular system that lets brands implement their choice of segmentation and personalisation, access control, and subscription strategies, enabling them to create exactly the user experience they desire - with or without charging readers to access content.

Working with globally renowned brands like The New Yorker, Condé Nast and The Telegraph, Evolok helps publishers to successfully make the transition from print to digital, and digital-native content brands to thrive online.

Their website, however, wasn't doing a good job of communicating the power of the platform, driving traffic from relevant search terms, or converting visitors in to leads.

Crafting a new customer experience

Evolok approached Blend to help them unify sales and marketing on a single, integrated platform and to develop a new, modern, responsive website that properly positioned the business and primed them to take advantage of the opportunity for growth that exists.

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We helped Evolok evaluate and select HubSpot as their platform for sales and marketing alignment. We then helped migrate Evolok from WordPress, Zoho and Mailchimp to HubSpot, meaning that all sales and marketing activity can be executed, managed and analysed on one platform. We configured and documented the setup of the Marketing Hub and CRM and provided training so that users and management could make the transition to the new tools smoothly.

While migration was underway, we set to work creating an all new website for Evolok. We started by performing our inbound website strategy process incorporating persona development, keyword research and site mapping. Our process reveals the pages and structure that are needed to maximise traffic generation while creating an effective customer journey that provides all the information that is critical to conversion.

Beginning with the all-important homepage, we introduced a new, vibrant, engaging and informative website. New pages were introduced that clearly articulate the customer challenges that Evolok solves while positioning the site to rank for a wider range of attractive keywords.


Following the completion of the new site, we coached the marketing team how to re-optimise existing blog content around the SEO opportunities created by the keyword strategy and new website content, and we configured the automated blog digest to maximise the return traffic generated by new content creation.

They worked with us collaboratively every step of the way providing advice and guidance where needed and delivered a great product that we are very happy with and that we can build on.

Reehan Sheikh
Founder, Evolok

One project, dual impact

The new website, with its improved user experience, structure and SEO, is driving and engaging the right visitors, resulting in a step-change in the number of sales-ready MQLs being generated through the site's various conversion points. Each of these MQLs is fully documented and tracked in HubSpot, giving Sales all the information they need to develop each opportunity.


And, by re-platforming the website, marketing and sales, Evolok has achieved an end-to-end and closed loop view of every contact's journey.

When marketing generates a new qualified lead, the handover to sales is seamless, invisible and instant, enabling timely, informed and effective follow up. The sales team has embraced this new way of working, automatically logging their communications and enriching the contact, company and deal records in HubSpot. Together, the combination of people, process and technology is successfully driving more conversations and growing Evolok’s pipeline.

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