Should you upgrade to HubSpot Content Hub?

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Apr 08, 2024


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Are you using HubSpot CMS Hub? You might be wondering if upgrading to the new Content Hub (HubSpot's AI-driven, all-in-one content marketing solution) is worth it. This blog post explores who should consider upgrading and the advantages it offers.

Do you need to upgrade to HubSpot Content Hub?

If you're an existing HubSpot CMS Hub customer you don't have to upgrade to Content Hub if you don't want to. The CMS will still be supported by HubSpot and continue to exist, it's simply integrated into the broader set of features within Content Hub, instead of being its own standalone 'hub'. 

If you wish to stay on CMS Hub, you can continue renewing on CMS Hub, but you won't have the new Content Hub features by default. If you want the new Content Hub functionality, you'll need to move over to Content Hub.

Who would benefit from Content Hub?

HubSpot's Content Hub offers useful features to help marketers create, manage, and distribute content more efficiently. But like any software, some teams will find it extremely valuable, while others may not fully utilise all its tools.

HubSpot Content Hub is a great choice for you if:

  • You want to use AI technology within your content creation process.
  • Multiple people write content, and you need to maintain a consistent brand voice across your blog and website.
  • Coming up with impactful content ideas is difficult, and fleshing out good ideas takes substantial time.
  • Finding visuals to match your copy is time-consuming - searching across sources and ensuring proper licensing.
  • Your audience speaks many different languages and creating content for all of them is very time-consuming.
  • Your website is on WordPress with no way to integrate CRM data for enhanced user experiences.

Wat do you get by upgrading to HubSpot Content Hub?

By upgrading to Content Hub, you'll get access to all of the new AI-powered content marketing features inside HubSpot.

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Brand Voice: helps you to maintain a consistent tone of voice when using the HubSpot AI to generate new content.

Content Remix: takes an existing blog post or text and uses AI to generate new content like landing pages, ads, social posts, audio, translations, images, additional blog posts, and more.

AI Blog Generator: creates SEO-optimised blog content from a supplied title, keyword, and outline.

AI Image Generator: produces royalty-free images based on your descriptions, tailored for your content.

Blog Audio Narrator: creates audio versions for your blog posts.

Member Blog: offers exclusive blog content to your users.

AI Translations: translates your pages and blog posts into all the languages you need in one click and automatically associates in-language variants together for easy management.

Podcasts: lets you host podcasts and distribute them to podcast providers like Spotify, Apple Podcasts etc. You can also provide a written copy of the show transcript and HubSpot will create an audio podcast for you using AI.

How much does Content Hub cost?

Content Hub has three different tiers, offering more advanced features as you move up through them. The pricing structure follows HubSpot's new seat-base pricing model. If you're a current CMS Hub customer, upgrading means switching to Content Hub pricing instead of staying on the old CMS Hub pricing.

Content Hub Starter - $25 per seat, per month

Content Hub Pro - $500 per month, with 3 core seats included

Content Hub Enterprise - $1,500 per month, with 5 core seats included

The Marketing+ bundle

This allows new HubSpot customers to purchase Marketing Hub and Content Hub together at a discounted price, this offer is only available at the Professional and Enterprise level.

  • Marketing+ Pro: $1,000 per month, with 3 core seats included
  • Marketing+ Enterprise: $3,800 per month, with 5 core seats included

How do you upgrade to Content Hub?

If you're interested in HubSpot Content Hub and want to upgrade, simply reach out to your HubSpot Customer Success Manager or HubSpot sales team and they'll be able to get you started.

Achieve better results from your website

HubSpot Content Hub is the perfect platform for a modern B2B website, but it's not a case of simply plugging and playing. The best high-performing, revenue-generating websites are expertly designed and engineered.

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