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Sep 15, 2023

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If HubSpot rejects your website migration request, don't worry, you still have options available. You can enlist a HubSpot website partner to migrate your website for you, or find a marketplace theme and migrate it yourself.

A quick overview of HubSpot's website migration service

If you want to migrate your website to the HubSpot CMS quickly and easily, HubSpot have a standalone Website Migration Service that lifts your website from your current CMS and transfers it to HubSpot Content Hub. This service is efficient and reasonably priced, so it's usually the first port of call for people looking to migrate to HubSpot.

However, HubSpot's service has its limits and isn't suitable for all websites. They regularly turn away websites and 'reject' them, advising users to look for an alternative way to migrate their website onto HubSpot CMS

But why do HubSpot turn down migrations, and what are your options if you've been rejected?

Why does HubSpot reject website migrations?

HubSpot's website migration service uses fixed frameworks that are designed to replicate simple websites on HubSpot CMS. This can be done in a few different ways:

  • Migrate using a theme from HubSpot's Template Marketplace
  • Migrate using a custom theme, built on HubSpot's default code framework

These methods essentially plug your website into an existing framework, meaning it's limited by its capabilities.

But oftentimes, websites will have custom code, third-party plugins, and large page counts. And these things don't work with out-of-the-box themes. Because of this, HubSpot will turn down your website migration request and advise you to look for an alternative way onto the platform, since their service doesn't support your requirements.

You can see the full list of website migration limitations here.

What to do if your HubSpot website migration is rejected

Option 1: Work with a partner to migrate your website

Just because HubSpot themselves have rejected migration of your website, it doesn't mean it's impossible. Your website may just be outside of their standard criteria. Fortunately, there are dedicated HubSpot website developers (like us) who can help migrate your website to HubSpot CMS.

Migrating using a partner will likely cost more than HubSpot's one-size-fits-all service. But it provides greater flexibility in what you're able to migrate, and a more personalised and robust code base. For example, our HubSpot website migration service lets you:

  • Migrate basic websites regardless of size, there is no limit on page count.
  • Migrate most custom code, interactive tools, and dynamic content using HubSpot's native CMS tools.
  • Implement your third-party tools, as long as they're compatible with HubSpot CMS.

Explore our HubSpot website migration service

Option 2: Migrate yourself using a marketplace theme

If you're up for a challenge, HubSpot's Template Marketplace has hundreds of off-the-shelf themes that enable you to self-build a website on HubSpot CMS. You can find a theme that's similar to your current website (or an improvement on it), and with some tweaking of the settings, it will suit your needs.

Bear in mind that going down this route means you'll have to build your own website and manage the entire migration on your own, so be sure you have the necessary strategy, plan, and skillsets in place to execute this effectively.

Is this an opportunity to rebuild your website?

The chances are, if you were looking for a lift and shift migration, you felt like you could already utilise your existing website. However, if you find yourself being rejected by HubSpot's website migration service, could you take a deeper, more holistic view of your website. Consider if a complete website revamp is beneficial in the long run.

It's likely that since your last website redesign, buyer preferences and behaviour have evolved. Your audience is looking for different ways to engage and convert so a new HubSpot website could generate more demand through your website.

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