Episode 28

Breaking Industry Norms - Forward-Thinking Marketing with Jessica Stonish


Dan Stillgoe

Dan Stillgoe

Marketing Manager

Jessica (Mancini) Stonish

Jessica (Mancini) Stonish

Head of Marketing at Synthace

Episode summary

Jessica Stonish, Head of Marketing at life sciences SaaS company Synthace, joined us on Demand Decoded to discuss how they have challenged industry norms to become a demand generation powerhouse.

During her time at Synthace, Jessica has achieved remarkable results, including: 

  • 328% YoY increase in high-intent inbound pipeline 
  • 116% growth in LinkedIn reach through paid, organic, and employee enablement campaigns 

So, how did Synthace shake things up? Jessica shares how they: 

  • Identified the approaches that would work for their audience 
  • Created consistent, quality content to drive brand awareness
  • Leveraged LinkedIn to create demand in their industry 
  • Introduced entertainment-focused content 
  • Blended traditional and modern demand gen tactics 

If you’ve ever been told “that’s how we’ve always done things”, this episode is for you. By breaking with tradition, Jessica and Synthace have made marketing work harder to drive real demand.