Episode 1

From Gated to Ungated: Content Marketing's Evolution


Dan Stillgoe

Dan Stillgoe

Marketing Manager

Phil Vallender

Phil Vallender


Episode summary

Are you curious about the evolving debate between gated and ungated content?

In our first episode of Demand Decoded, we explored how the pendulum has swung from gated to ungated content, and whether there’s still a place for both.

We also explored the challenges of pivoting from gated to ungated content, and how marketers can successfully navigate this transition.

Key takeaways:

  • The strategic decision behind ungating content 
  • How Blend transitioned from gated to ungated content and the impact this had 
  • The fundamental issues with gated content 
  • The benefits of ungating content 
  • How to use gated content going forward

Gated vs ungated content: pros and cons