Episode 34

How to Use LinkedIn Ads for Demand Generation [Strategies + Tactics]


Dan Stillgoe

Dan Stillgoe

Marketing Manager

Dan Pizzey

Dan Pizzey

Senior Marketing Strategist

Episode summary

LinkedIn is the go-to social platform for most B2B companies, offering a direct line to your target audience. But, for many reasons, lots of businesses running ads on LinkedIn struggle to see tangible results.

In this episode of Demand Decoded, we cover proven strategies to effectively advertise on LinkedIn and leverage this powerful B2B platform.

We discuss:

  • The fundamental approach for successful LinkedIn advertising
  • Tips for building targeted audiences
  • Best practices for ad formats and creative
  • Optimising live campaigns and bidding tactics
  • Retargeting strategies to engage your audience
  • Measuring and demonstrating ROI of your LinkedIn ads

Tune in to learn how to maximise the impact of your LinkedIn ads.