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Blend reaches HubSpot’s elite Diamond tier

Phil Vallender

Phil Vallender

Oct 16, 2017


We are pleased to announce that Blend has achieved Diamond Partner status - the highest tier in HubSpot’s partner programme.

Reaching the diamond tier has been high on our list of goals ever since we reached silver status in 2015, shortly after joining the partner programme.

We knew we would succeed with HubSpot because our early experiences had proven the fit between their software and our services, their philosophy and our mission.

In 2014 we were a tech-savvy agency looking for a platform that would make our services as tech-enabled as our target market. A platform that would centralise the creation, execution and measurement of our output. And a platform that would make our talents more tangible, transparent and verifiable. HubSpot does all of that and more.

Our success, and achievement of the diamond tier is, in no small part thanks to our team, our clients and the HubSpot partner community.

Our Team

Our team have worked tirelessly to create content, build websites and run automated marketing campaigns that embody our take on the principles of inbound marketing.

We've grown dramatically as we have climbed the HubSpot tiers and we now have a 20-strong team of amazing, committed and creative colleagues. They have embraced change at all times and have helped us adopt agile, organise around the client, develop new services and win two HubSpot Impact Awards.

Our clients

Our clients have partnered with us on long term marketing strategies in the pursuit of quality, sustainable results.

They have stood with us and persevered for the time it takes to build inbound marketing success. Results in marketing can never be guaranteed and are rarely instant, even with inbound at work, so it’s great to be on such a strong footing with so many of our valued clients.

HubSpot partner team and community

The HubSpot partner team, out of Boston and Dublin, have lent their support whenever we have needed it.

In the beginning, they emboldened us to commit to our true specialism and positioning. And they helped us get off the ground with our own content production and inbound marketing. We're quick learners so those things soon took on a life of their own in the agency.

Now the partner team are a valued sounding board and the source of many great ideas. Their willingness to share their findings while marketing to their massive audience helps all partner agencies do better.

Other HubSpot partners have also contributed to our success. Notable mention goes to Square 2 Marketing, Kula Partners, Salted Stone, Bio Strata and bandv, who have all made time to talk to us in the years gone by.

Where next

Diamond maybe the highest tier in the HubSpot Partner Program, for now, but this is still just the beginning of our story.

Blend is committed to becoming a globally recognised name for B2B inbound and content marketing that really gets results and transforms businesses - the way it has ours.

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