Introducing HubSpot's Sandbox Software

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Oct 26, 2021

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HubSpot recently announced the launch of its Sandbox software. Available to all enterprise tier customers, HubSpot's Sandbox Software provides a safe and secure environment that mirrors your HubSpot production account, where you can build and test new workflows, integrations, and other important changes.

Before HubSpot launched its Sandbox Software, users were restricted to using the live, production portal, or a developer test portal, when creating apps and integrations. While developer test portals do provide a risk-free environment to test and iterate, the portals are blank and don't contain any data, rules, or processes. Therefore, they don't accurately represent the complexity of a live HubSpot account, and the potential consequences of making changes.

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How does HubSpot's Sandbox Software change this?

A sandbox in HubSpot’s CRM platform replicates the limits and configuration of your production account. It allows you to sync CRM object definitions and custom properties, deal and ticket properties, developer assets, as well as test integrations, without threatening your live data or the customer experience. It provides a safe testing environment and mitigates many of the risks associated with implementing new systems and integrations.

It should be noted that no other assets, such as CRM records or workflows, will be copied into your HubSpot sandbox. You'll need to recreate assets, or import your CRM records, and reconnect any apps or integrations you want to test.

What does this mean for HubSpot users?

HubSpot's Sandbox Software gives users an environment in which to test integrations and check they work exactly as intended. You can understand how data within both systems interact with each other, configure your settings across tools exactly how you want them, and ensure integrations meet your needs. It also means developers can test specific modules, templates, or entire themes before they are leveraged on the website, reducing the risk of errors.

In addition, HubSpot's Sandbox Software gives marketers the freedom to build and test increasingly sophisticated customer experiences, without the risk of interrupting the current experience of users. For example, marketers can test new workflows without the risk of jeopardizing their contact data and the trust they’ve built with their database.

Appealing to enterprise businesses

For enterprise businesses, HubSpot's Sandbox Software is a very attractive proposition because of the risks surrounding the introduction of new systems and integrations. While Sandboxes have been a feature of other enterprise systems, such as Salesforce and Marketo, for a while, this latest update from HubSpot brings HubSpot in line with enterprise requirements.

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