Significant increase in organic traffic and MQLs after inbound-focused website redesign

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Aug 25, 2020

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By combining inbound-ready website design with an exciting new marketing campaign, Safetybank have not only established a clear brand identity, they’ve also seen substantial increases in organic traffic, MQLs, and demo requests.

Safetybank is a powerful software as a service that helps organisations manage their health and safety compliance in construction, property, and other industries. Founded in 2003, Safetybank works with over 1,000 companies managing over 100,000 registered users. The solution was built by industry experts who wanted a straightforward method of recording, monitoring, and managing health and safety information in a way that was legally compliant and safe. 

Bringing Safetybank into the modern day

Safetybank went to market with the goal of building a refreshing, innovative website that enhances their identity and to promote their product to their target audience with inbound lead generation and a creative marketing campaign.

However, Safetybank was suffering from a common problem. After being acquired by Olive Communications in 2014, Safetybank struggled to forge a distinct brand identity from its parent company. Their product was excellent, but marketing it was problematic because their website was dated and failed to truly speak to potential customers about what their product actually was, and its innovative nature.

SFB originalSafetybank's original website

Safetybank chose Blend because we could see the value and power of their product and knew how to create a site that allows it to shine. And in doing so, help create a brand identity that is true to their vision. 

We knew what we wanted to achieve with Safetybank going into the project, but the collaborative approach Blend took to redesigning our website meant we were able to have a real impact while the Blend team brought the website to life through creative processes and communication.

- Lucy Callaghan, Head of Marketing, Safetybank 

Building a partnership to last

While working alongside the team at Safetybank, Blend created a website that is visually striking and built upon the intuitive architecture of HubSpot CMS Hub. The website is designed around Safetybank’s three target markets to streamline the customer journey, which was a key goal for the project. The UX is further improved with screenshots and custom imagery, which combine to form Safetybank’s compelling new identity.

A content strategy was developed to ensure high-ranking positions for high-value industry search terms to drive new, organic traffic to the site and boost conversion rates. Together, we created an effective website that reflects the ingenuity and passion that makes Safetybank such a powerful tool.

SFB hubspot inspire-1

Blend took the reins on our project and used their HubSpot expertise to produce a fantastic new website for Safetybank, updating the brand and delivering a completely fresh new look and feel, giving the product its own identity.

- Lucy Callaghan, Head of Marketing, Safetybank

A transformative result

Safetybank’s new website was published in August 2019 and quickly delivered improvements to metrics behind-the-scenes. The performance of traffics, conversions, and demo bookings were all tracked, and the results were impressive.

The number of sessions, particularly organic, improved dramatically. Organic traffic has increased by 1942% since the new website was published, with over 19 times as many overall sessions since August 2019.

Organic sessions-1As a result of our inbound marketing campaign, Safetybank has seen a record increase in leads, with organic leads benefiting from the greatest, most consistent growth overall. Safetybank’s conversion rate was bolstered exponentially with an upturn of an almost unbelievable 2000% over some months.

new leads-1The curated content marketing campaign helped ensure that Safetybank’s message was heard by potential customers. Safetybank ranks competitively for attractive target keywords including:

  • ‘Emerging trends in health and safety’
  • ‘Construction health and safety management software’
  • ‘Health and safety trends’

The transformation of our website by the Blend team has produced incredible results. Now we have a modern website, built on an intuitive and exciting platform, with which to continue to push the brand forward.

- Lucy Callaghan, Head of Marketing, Safetybank 

The future of Safetybank

One of Safetybank’s primary goals when approaching Blend was to develop a website that pushed their SaaS product and showcased how much it can transform the way health and safety management is handled in the construction and property industries - two sectors that struggle to stay compliant.

The new website succeeded – Safetybank have enjoyed a 400% increase in demo bookings since publishing, a testament to its success.

Safetybank were faced with a challenge - they struggled with their brand identity and a poor user experience that was affecting how people discovered their product. 

The result of our collaboration: 

  • 2000% website conversion rate increase
  • 1942% increase in organic traffic
  • 400% demo booking increase

Moving forward, Blend is continuing to deliver an ongoing marketing campaign for Safetybank that drives people towards requesting a demo.

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