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Top 5 B2B benefits of blogging

Phil Vallender

Phil Vallender

Sep 2, 2013


The business blog is the ideal foundation for successful B2B content marketing.

Even better than that, blogging can deliver significant benefits for your business on its own, as well as paving the way to more advanced content marketing initiatives.

Here are the top 5 benefits of business blogging:

1. Become more discoverable

The SEO benefit of blogging alone is enough to justify your doing it.

Every post you publish adds a page to your website that can be indexed by the search engines and can show up in search results.

Unlike your static web content, which is probably optimised for keywords related to your offering, your blog posts will feature a wide range of problem related keywords. As a result your site can turn up in a wide range of searches that relate your offering to your prospective buyers' problems, reaching them earlier in the decision making process.

So the benefits are several. Not only do you add more pages that turn up more searches, you diversify your keyword profile to include problem related terms. Together, these translate into many more visitors to your website.

2. Become more sharable

So visitors are discovering your blog posts and coming to your site. By virtue of their being educational and non-promotional (assuming you've followed some best practice) your blog posts are going to be much more sharable than your other web content. And what does sharing equal? Back links, social shares, higher search rankings and even more visitors.

This may not happen right away or on a large scale initially, so be patient. As you create more content and get better at it, the effects will cumulate. Sooner or later, someone will pick up and share your content.

3. Drive email and social

An important technique in content marketing is repurposing. And once you start blogging, you instantly have the contents of regular email and social communications.

If your website isn't capturing email addresses, it isn't moving prospects toward the middle of the funnel. Offering subscription to an email digest of your blog is a great starting point and enables you to nurture website visitors - keeping them aware and interested - over a long period of time.

Social sharing on the other hand is a perfect top-of-the-funnel activity. With the unique content from your blog to share you can engage and activate your followers, generating additional visitors to your site.

4. Syndicate your content

Reality is that, initially anyway, your blog is not going to have hordes of avid readers. Yes people will discover your content through long tail searches, but it takes time to develop a serious reputation as a source of valuable information.

Now that you are writing valuable, original content for your blog, why not syndicate it to a larger publisher. It may feel strange to do this at first but it can generate significantly more visibility for and sharing of your content than your blog alone.

5. Gain new insight

Now that you are frequently blogging, sharing socially, generating website visitors, capturing email address and sending emails, you can start to analyse the results. All of the above produce a wealth of data that you can use to understand your prospects and to refine your content production plans.

Using your email marketing platform and free tools like Google Analytics, and HootSuite or, even better, a marketing automation platform like HubSpot, you can quickly ascertain which content is popular, which is evergreen and which topics you should expand upon in the future. Thus, analysis of the data produced by your past efforts can become the fuel for your content marketing engine in the future.

Too good to be true?

Almost. Blogging is demanding - requiring commitment, persistence and ingenuity - but the rewards far outweigh the effort.

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