• 5 things you must do when engaging a marketing agency

    You run a successful business with good sales, a motivated team of people, a great product or service and you’ve managed all that with no real effort on the marketing front.

    But you know that to stay ahead of your competition, to survive into the future and to grow, you will have to turn your attention to professional marketing; let’s face it, everyone from your accountant to bank manager is telling you as much.

    The solution may appear simple; find a marketing agency you like and can afford, sign them up and hey presto, your marketing worries are over – right?

  • 5 examples of powerful automated B2B email campaigns

    You may think automated email sounds a lot like spam email but, if used sparingly and carefully, it is a powerful content marketing tool that recipients will appreciate.

    Most decent email marketing platforms, including our own Blend Mail, offer the possibility to create automated email campaigns for little or no extra cost. Most businesses however overlook this possibility and don’t utilise automated emails at all, missing out on the potential benefits.

  • Essential free tools for B2B content marketers

    Use these great tools to boost your content marketing productivity.

    For every stage of the lead funnel, there is a free, or nearly free, tool that can facilitate efficient execution of your strategy and useful analysis of the results. Here are some of our favourites: