• Office Move Rebrand

    Why moving offices can be the best time to rebrand your business.

    Moving offices can be an indication of exciting times for your business, its owners, management and staff. It can also be an extremely expensive undertaking and one requiring careful planning. The idea of rebranding at the same time could be seen as ridiculous and foolhardy, certainly something to be avoided.

    And yet a significant proportion of rebranding exercises are the result of an intended move.

  • Marketing to lapsed customers

    The hidden value of your lapsed customers – 5 reasons to reconnect.

    Difficult as it may be, customers come and customers go.

    Some of them you’re glad to see the back of but most times lapsed clients affects the accounts and worse, morale. Finding new customers to replace them can be a costly business and, depending on your product or service, building a relationship with each new client takes time.

    But what about your lapsed customers? You know, the ones you’d already built a relationship with, the ones that many companies forget about as lost causes!

  • b2b blog post

    Are you writing b2b marketing content for the sake of it?

    This weekend while checking Facebook I noticed an advertisement with the headline “101 Blog Post Ideas” aimed at all those who had run out of blog-writing inspiration but still needed to produce content. As someone interested in b2b inbound marketing and its ability to raise awareness and build valuable relationships, this particular ad highlighted an […]

  • Free content marketing icons

    Free Content Marketing Icons

    We all know how having the right visual resources is essential for effective content marketing – both when communicating ideas internally and producing content for consumption by others.

    That’s why we were so surprised when we couldn’t find a single set of icons that covered the basics of content marketing. So, for all the content marketing converts out there, we went ahead and created a set of free content marketing icons for you to download and use.

  • Surviging in the post-Authorship apocalypse

    Surviving in the post-Authorship apocalypse

    Does the end of Google Authorship profile pictures in search results mean the end of Authorship, the end of Google+ or just the end of marketers gaming the system?

    When Google’s John Mueller announced on 25 June 2014 that “Google had been working hard to clean up the visual design of our search results” we don’t think anyone expected that the solution they worked so hard to find would be the removal of profile pictures from results with Authorship.

    Reactions to the announcement came thick, fast and, mostly, were incredulous.

    Speculation continues unbridled about the real motives behind the decision – are they protecting AdWords revenue, phasing out G+ or genuinely trying to improve the service they provide? But, more importantly, what does it mean for marketers? ;)