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HubSpot's Meetings App is a delight

Sean Sweet

Sean Sweet

Mar 27, 2017

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I confess, I’m in love with the HubSpot Meeting app!

It’s one of those gems with a value that, at least on first use, isn't immediately obvious.

But believe me, it’s genius.

Here’s some background. I’m not a natural salesman, but I’ve found myself responsible for sales at our company, Blend. So I'm always trying to find tools to help me improve the sales process.

Part of the process invariably involves setting meetings, and getting this sorted always tended to be a clunky affair. If you’re involved in sales you’ll know what I mean. Suggest dates to meet they can’t do, while their suggested alternatives clash with your diary.

It’s an awkward dance with plenty of treading on toes – and little chance of ending in a snog.

But now I’m lambada-ing my way around the prospect list with an app included in HubSpot’s Pro version of Sales. It’s called Meetings and it’s highly effective.

The meetings app links to my Microsoft Outlook account (but could be Google Calendar, Office 365... as you prefer) and allows me to provide access to my diary, to those looking for a time to meet or chat on the phone.

They can choose a time to suit them, knowing that it will also suit me.

I can also create different meeting links depending on the type of meeting it could be.

For example:

Inbound consultation -
Access to my diary -

I can set meeting-length options, times of the week that aren't suitable, and a message specific to the meeting type. I can even set it up to allow meetings to be booked with other team members.  

Now I use these links whenever I need to arrange a meeting. It saves me a bundle of time and removes the usual friction of setting appointments. My prospects’ first experience of Blend is a professional one, and that’s a great way to begin any relationship.

I can now add Meeting links to my email footer, automated email communications, key website pages and even calls-to-action on blogs; here's one I prepared earlier:

 New Call-to-action

Thumbs up HubSpot for this addition to a fantastic marketing automation and sales platform.

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