What the ITV re-brand means for your business

ITV is one of the latest major corporations to re-brand and make a noise about it. What does the new brand tell us about our own businesses? And what can we learn from it in order to build more successful companies?

First ebay, then Microsoft and now ITV. They are the latest in a long list of companies large and small re-branding themselves in flat, simple and designed-for-digital ways. Not everybody likes these new brands, in fact it has the design community divided, but we all have to take note of the aspects that are common to all three.

What's driving these re-brands?

They are all responses to the changing role of digital media in our lives. These companies have recognised that the web and other digitally displayed interfaces have long ceased to be our destination and are now just another part of our journey - our journey toward information, knowledge and the TV schedule for Tuesday night.

We no longer have the patience to navigate our way though complex layouts, use drop down menus or select from bezel-ed, drop-shadowed, glowing, gradient-bearing buttons. All we want is to access and share the content we seek, quickly and easily without jumping through digital hoops.

Thus interfaces have had to change. They have been put through a process of reductionism. And it follows that the brand that sits atop these new interfaces must follow suit or become incongruous. And once branding changes, everything changes.

What does this mean for you?

For the foreseeable future, the successful trend in digital design and branding will be simplicity. Your company will stand a greater chance of winning the thousands of daily brand battles it faces and remain in occupancy in the precious space of your customers mind if you embrace these trends.

If your brand is 5 years old or more, now would be an excellent time to review it against modern requirements and to re-brand if it falls short.

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