The perfect thank you page design - post-conversion page optimisation

Your post-conversion thank you page is the ideal opportunity to continue your relationship with your prospect in a structured way

If you do any inbound marketing, you will no doubt have spent hours reading about and practicing landing page optimisation - I know we have. But what about the thank you page?

Surely the page your prospect sees immediately after converting is, to them, as important as the page before? So how should you optimise those pages?

Necessity is the mother of invention

While working on a number of landing page projects for clients and ourselves, we decided to tackle this issue head on and develop a strategy for thank you page design.

So planner, copywriter, graphic designer and web developer worked together to combine landing page best practice, internet research, marketing expertise and personal experience to develop the ultimate thank you page.

We determined that there are three key areas of consideration when designing a thank you page:

  1. Continuation of the conversion experience
  2. Desired follow-on actions
  3. Structure that supports both

Continuing the conversion experience

Landing page insights (special thanks go the amazing Unbounce blog) do a great job of showing us how language and design play major roles in performance. Being clear, specific and honest about what you ask for and what your prospect will get in return are essential. As is the use of positive action words and phrases.

The same is true of the thank you page. Clear, specific, honest and positive action words should confirm exactly what the prospect just did and what will happen as a result. After thanking them of course.

An example could be something like:

"Thank you for registering to receive a free demo of [product x]. Someone from [company y] will be in touch shortly and we will bring your complimentary [incentive z] along to the demo."

Follow-on actions

The temptation to offer a multitude of follow-on actions on your thank you page is almost irresistible.

You want your prospect to share what you are offering, but you want them to follow you too. You've got the perfect case study for them, but you really want them to watch your video also. You'd like them to call but would love it if they visited your website as well.

But don’t ask them to do it all, for several reasons. One, you want to avoid choice paralysis, where too many choices lead to nothing being done at all. Secondly, you know that more prospects convert when your landing page is highly optimised around a single call to action, so why should your thank you page be any different? Your prospect is in a mode where they respond to limited choice and your guidance, so guide them.

Identify the one action that you most want your prospects to take. Then offer them that. Follow it up with a link to your main website. Now you have two follow-on actions - and two is plenty.

The right structure

Continuing with the idea that the thank you page should be an extension of the landing page experience, the structure of your landing page should help, not hinder your prospect in taking the desired action.

Given that, unlike your landing page, your thank you page has several pieces of information to convey and follow on actions to request, the best approach is to guide the prospect with a numbered list.

With a numbered list you can remove all need for the prospect to think about what to do next, as it is all clearly laid out for them i.e. Read this first, then do this and, finally, go here.
Perfect thank you page design by Blend Marketing

Putting it all together

Following these three recommendations will result in you creating a thank you page that looks like this example. A page that is worthy of your landing page and of your prospect. And it gives the greatest likelihood that your prospect will take the action you desire.

To see these thank you page guidelines in action, visit - a landing page we have launched to create awareness around our integrated, outsourced B2B marketing services - you'll have to complete the conversion process of course but doing so will mean you receive our monthly newsletter, so it's win - win!

In conclusion

Your thank you page should be as well optimised as your landing page. Continue the conversion experience, limit the number of things you ask a prospect to do and make it as simple as 1, 2, 3 for them to do it!

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