Why moving offices can be the best time to rebrand your business

Why moving offices can be the best time to rebrand your business

Moving offices can be an indication of exciting times for your company, its owners, management and staff. It can also be an extremely expensive undertaking and one requiring careful planning.

The idea of rebranding at the same time could be seen as ridiculous and foolhardy, and certainly something to be avoided. And yet a significant proportion of rebranding exercises are the result of an intended move.

The very act of planning a move can bring your brand into sharp focus. It begins on the purely practical need to change the standard business stationary; if a reprint with the new address is going to happen anyway, then why not look at the style as it may be a bit dated? If the stationary is dated what about the signage, website, presentations? The list goes on and all are collectively responsible for your brand value.

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Moving your old brand to a new premises may feel wrong; a shiny new office and a tired old brand do not go together. And so, many business owners bite the bullet and commit to a brand update in advance of their move. In addition to the practical benefits of rebranding at the same time as a company move such as cost saving, there are also the less obvious advantages too:

  • It builds upon the positive elements associated with an office move
  • Represents a boost to morale of company staff
  • Sends a clear signal to customers and competitors that you’re confident and growing

Most importantly, just as you may have outgrown your office space, you may have outgrown your brand as well. Not only could it look dated but it may also fail to work well with the rapidly advancing marketing platforms like social media, digital advertising and improved website technology. And, as many of your customers may never actually see your swanky new premises they will continue to judge you on your online image.

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