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Cass Telecom - record results driven by inbound

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The challenge

Cass Telecom, a division of Cass Information Systems and a leading North American provider of enterprise telecom expense management services and solutions, needed a dedicated divisional website supported with inbound demand generation to drive global growth.

Blend is an incredible combination of data-driven inbound strategy and extraordinary creative talent.

Josh Bouk
Vice President

Inbound, from the ground up

Starting with nothing but a new domain name,, Blend and Cass have worked together to create a highly successful inbound program.

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Website design & development

Step one was the creation of a launchpad website - an evolution of the Cass brand aligned to the international and inbound objectives of the Telecom division, produced and launched in just 3 months. As with every website we build, our search engine optimisation and conversion optimisation best practices were built in from the very start.

Built on the HubSpot CMS, the website is seamlessly integrated with all other marketing channels. Traffic and lead generation, email and marketing automation, reporting and analytics are all connected, providing complete visibility of every visitor's journey and the story behind every new opportunity.


Content marketing and demand generation

Once live with the launchpad website, Blend and Cass quickly set about driving relevant traffic and leads through frequent content creation.

Calling on Cass's knowledge and expertise in the telecom expense management field, we publish blog posts, on average, twice weekly. As usual, the blog posts we write are often technical in subject and our ability to understand, digest and interpret complex topics to create enjoyable, effective content is on full display.

Original downloadable content on both the emerging and enduring topics affecting buyers in the industry, alongside key pieces from industry analysts, work to effectively convert website visitors into leads for the inside sales team to engage, qualify and nurture.

Sales and marketing alignment

We have also worked with Cass to ensure that inbound lead and demand generation is integrated and aligned with their sales operations, through the sharing of content and the integration of their HubSpot and Salesforce systems.

New leads are synchronised to Salesforce upon creation so that  sales have complete visibility over the individuals and accounts that are engaging with Cass' marketing content and campaigns, informing their account-based approach.


Since new site launch


2,000+ Visits
per month


4%Visitor to contact
conversion rate


per month

The Results

Just one year after launching a new website into a competitive market, has risen to the point of receiving more than 2000 visits per month. Organic search traffic to the website has grown 64% per month on average in the 12 months following launch.

Traffic is not the only metric to have grown rapidly in that time - lead generation has seen similar increases. The contact conversion rate of the website regularly exceeds 3% and this creates more than 50 new leads per month.

The combination of the new website and inbound demand generation has contributed to the achievement of the best revenue results in the history of the division and a growing pipeline that looks set to keep Cass on this ground-breaking trajectory.

And, having had the opportunity to see how Blend can deliver incredible inbound results, Cass has now engaged Blend to write, design and build a new website for the entire group.

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