11 great examples of websites built with HubSpot

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Mar 08, 2022

Inbound marketing is an excellent way to grow website traffic and build a database of leads that can be nurtured. But websites are where opportunities are made - turning interest in your offering into qualified leads in your pipeline.

For a B2B website to effectively drive business growth, it needs to be more than an online brochure, it needs to help buyers perform research and convert visitors into leads. The user experience, design, copy, performance, and structure of your site all play their part in achieving this...as does the CMS that acts as the foundation to your website. 

In our opinion, when it comes to hosting your B2B website, the HubSpot CMS Hub is hard to beat. It takes care of the technical stuff, such as managing complex server infrastructure and software patches, and provides a platform that is reliable, secure, and fast.

With in-built features, such as smart content, A/B testing, SEO tools, landing page, and the option to fully integrate your CRM and marketing automation software, it's a great foundation on which to build a buyer-centric website that provides a frictionless user experience.

Examples of websites built with HubSpot 

HubSpot gives businesses the flexibility to build their website from scratch, or use pre-built themes and templates to bring their vision to life. As a HubSpot Partner Agency, we don't use templates or tweak themes. We specialise in creating bespoke B2B websites on the HubSpot CMS - and have built over 100 of them! 

To inspire you, here are 11 examples of bespoke, tailored websites built on the HubSpot CMS hub that support lead generation and give businesses a market-leading presence, while keeping user experience at the heart.


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Biocair's website engages a global audience and is primed to support the business as it scales into new regions. The brand reflects its global operations, giving them a corporate feel to promote trust and transparency. Bold imagery and video add striking visual elements to the site, showcasing the people of Biocair as well as their expertise. The navigation helps visitors find the information they need quickly and easily. 

An interactive map helps visitors locate regional offices within Biocair's global network. Built using HubDB, the map can be easily updated by the marketing team as they grow their network of office locations. Smart CTAs display the details of the regional salesperson nearest to the visitor, adding a personal touch. The addition of a language switcher to the website header means Biocair can display multi-language variations of their content in different regions.

The Room

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The Room's website provides a unique user experience for two distinct audiences - influencers and brands. The website and navigation have been split into two sections, each with its own vibrant colour scheme. Each section features its own blog, resources, and calls to action, providing clear conversion points tailored to the needs of its audiences.

Powerful copy conveys the Room’s message of finding true love in authenticity. The vibrant design, with its hand-written style, bespoke icons, animation, and distinct shapes, add personality to the brand while keeping a consistent look and feel across the site.

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Phoenix Bio

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Built on the HubSpot CMS, Phoenix Bio's website is clear, professional, and inviting. The animated hero image of a liver on the homepage brings the website to life, while custom illustrations create a unique brand experience. 

The product pages feature case studies that showcase customer success, as well as research data, to add credibility and trust. Designed with the user in mind, the filterable resource hub allows visitors to segment and easily find the research publications they are looking for. 


Blog post BHR (2)

Breathe's website takes full advantage of HubSpot CMS's advanced features. The mega nav segments Breathe's products into categories, with clear titles and explainers, to help visitors navigate their compelling portfolio. The website also features a dynamic filterable partner directory that helps users find the right partners for their needs.

An interactive pricing page helps prospects get a clear understanding of costs associated with Breathe's software, by allowing users to tailor their quote based on the size of their business and the products that they require. A portfolio of digital calculators helps to increase engagement and supports lead generation.


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An effective combination of website technology and design provides Shawcity's website visitors with a modern, intuitive eCommerce experience. The integration of Shopify creates a reliable, robust, and sophisticated eCommerce store that offers customers a simple and frictionless user experience.

The homepage clearly defines what Shawcity offer, and the benefits of using their products and services. The sub-navigation tab segments their products into categories, helping visitors to find and purchase the right products easily. Strategically placed CTA buttons guide visitors towards their online store and featured products.


Blog post EBO  (1)

Ecrebo's website clearly communicates how their software can support retailers to grow their sales using POS data. The simple navigation tab helps provide a smooth customer journey, guiding visitors to the SEO-optimised product pages, with custom illustrations, snappy copy, and testimonials that showcase the benefits of the software.

An innovative 'tour' page shows how the software works and makes it clear how it can be used by retailers to deliver personalised offers and messages. The addition of clear calls to action steers visitors to key conversion points, supporting lead generation. The website is nicely tied together with a modern, bold and clean brand.


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Biostrata's website displays its unique value proposition and promotes its services with clarity and confidence. The visually striking website reflects the expertise, experience, and passion of the agency. Subtle animations, abstract imagery, and a tree diagram format enhance the scientific aspect of their brand and establish their unique identity.

The improved navigation and clear CTAs provide an intuitive customer journey. The website not only demonstrates Biostrata's marketing prowess, but perfectly reflects their affinity with their target audience.

Foundation IT

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Foundation IT's website stands out from the crowd, with its bold colours, abstract style, and clear brand messaging. No corporate blue, no stock imagery, Foundation IT’s site is as unique as they are, representing their people, process and offers. The addition of animation to the homepage and short snappy copy help differentiate their brand in a congested marketplace.


Blog post TLO

Tillo's website offers a seamless, friction-free customer experience. It offers a clean design with clear calls to action and an easy-to-understand proposition that speaks directly to the customer’s needs. Bespoke illustrations and strong brand colours help build a unique and recognisable brand.

The website features core pages for their products and separate pages for each of their personas to help articulate the benefits of their software. A filterable case study page allows visitors to segment by industry to showcase their broad success. The 'book a demo' CTA in the main navigation makes it clear what they want visitors to do next. 


Blog post NZT (1)

N-ZYTE’s website, with its striking branding, custom icons, and clean and open design, quickly communicate the benefits of their Data Discovery service. The concise SEO-optimised copy gets to the heart of their offering, setting them apart from other consultancy firms. Case study pages showcase customer success and put results front and centre. The addition of strategically placed CTAs streamline the customer journey and maximise conversion opportunities.  


Blog post RNO  (1)

Rhino's website has visual clout that elevates its brand and set them apart online. The website leaps off the page with bold colours and imagery. This website brings visuals front and centre with full-screen images of interior designs that visitors can’t ignore. Interactive touches throughout, from hover states to dioramas that users can zoom in and pan around, give it a slick and modern feel. 

First impressions count

Your website is usually the first interaction a prospect has with your business, so don't let it disappoint. An effective B2B website plays a crucial role in generating traffic, converting visitors into qualified sales opportunities, and ultimately growing your business. To achieve this, you need a modern, well-designed, responsive, buyer-centric website built on the right CMS platform.  

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